Payback’s a Bitch – Inflation

I bet ya’ll thought I got lost at the Erotic Authors Association Conference in Vegas.  I did, actually, but only three or four times. I had a great time, met some wonderful people, made some good contacts in the erotica publishing world, and in general had a ball, meeting and hanging out with many of my fellow bloggers and Twitter-ers (Vineyard Road, Ruby at Erotic Notebook, Remittance Girl, Urban Gypsy, Aisling Weaver, to name just a few) as well as several editors and publishers, in particular the editors of the last two anthologies I was published in.  It was great to have a chance to put a face with a name, and to discuss some ideas with them–and to be told, “Submit more!”  Very validating.  I also learned an enormous amount about the industry in general, and about myself and my own writing aspirations.
Oh, and I got to hang out with, get to know better, and snuggle up with, Graydancer all weekend. I even let him put cigar ash in my hand. (!)  But all that’s for another post, perhaps. 😉
Anyway…that’s why I haven’t posted much here the last few days. Been a bit busy!  And also why I won’t be posting much this week–I have a story that I have been asked specifically to submit to an editor, so I am going to be working on that, rather than writing posts here. (Sorry.) Oh, and attending Twisted Tryst this coming weekend. (Woot!)
To make up for it, I’ll leave you with a few images from my second “payback” of the three dollars I owed W. (Well, I still owe him the last dollar–he hasn’t collected payment for that!)
For this one, he made me “climb” a knotted rope to attach three dollar bills to clothes pins he’d hung above me.  With, of course, a little bit of “disincentive” applied. 😉

This is how he originally set me up (hands tied behind my back.). It was a misdirect.

This was the real deal.
This was the real deal.

I had use of my hands, but my ankles were tied.

And those clothespins? HIGH.

Oh, and did I mention...



Finally, tho, in spite of W's disincentives--I paid that dollar back. "With interest." 😉

Two out of three dollars paid back!  For the last one, W gives me a lesson in addition.  Watch for it!


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