This is what subdrop feels like.

Struggling today.  Really struggling.  And with so many things to get done, so many good things to write about, friends to see, work to do…
I promise to be back soon to post some good stuff.

8 thoughts on “Dropping

  1. Hello Jade , from Japan
    I don’t think my English skills is so good, but I wanted to write
    something to you.
    First I found out your face and body beautiful in the site “Bondage Demons”. And recently I happened to find this site and I notice your thoughts and heart are also beautiful and interesting.
    Please take care of yourself and come back please.

  2. Jade,
    It’s all part of the process. Hang in there and let W take care of you. I love your writing and you inspire me to celebrate my own sexuality.

  3. Hi Jade,
    Yours is one of the few very meaningful blogs for people who are active in BDSM. My Owner and I were not very active for the last year and a half as she returned to school for a midlife career change. But that’s over now and we’ve begun playing again.
    We had a very hot and busy weekend that left me on Cloud 9. I’d forgotten about subdrop but that explains my sudden downward mood shift. That helped a lot. Thanks.
    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  4. Hi again Jade,
    I’m sorry, I forgot to offer you my encouragement. Moods shift up and down. I’m glad you’re on the upward slope of the curve now.
    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhoue

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