What I Needed

Pushed to the floor, carpet beneath my knees; elbows
one hand on my back, pinning me
the other grinding my face into the carpet.
His voice in my ear
abrading me
inflaming me
inciting me.
His cock in my ass
impaling me
fucking me
tearing me open
staking me to the floor.

Rug burn on my knee in the morning.

I needed that.

Today I am in chains. Around my throat, around my ankle. I need that, too.

6 thoughts on “What I Needed

  1. Beautiful, Jade.
    And while I’m here, it was a pleasure to meet you…was that almost two weeks ago already? I guess so. (I seem to be taking a ridiculous amount of time to get my blog post about the conference up!) Anyway, it’s lovely to know the person behind this blog! 😉
    Take care,

    1. Thanks so much, Em! And what a joy it was to meet you and listen to you read. I’m so glad you posted a comment here, because I’d lost your contact info-now I can find you again! 🙂

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