Twisted Tryst Pics & Write-Up

I’m never very good at doing a comprehensive write-up when we go to events. While I’m there I’m either too busy, to tired from being so busy, or there isn’t WIFI, or my brain isn’t thinking about writing about what’s happening, I’m just experiencing it.  By the time I get home I’m either recovering or catching up, and then we’re doing new stuff, and life moves on, and pretty soon it’s three weeks later and I can’t remember everything we did!  So I never seem to get anything worthwhile down on paper (or in computer, as it were.)
Twisted Tryst was no exception.
We did get a few more pictures this time, however, so I’ll be able to walk down memory lane a little bit with you via the pics…
Tryst was held in a new place this year, for both the early (June) camp and the later camp, which was in September this year (coincidentally over my birthday.) We had considered going to the earlier one, since it was closer geographically, and the campground was reputed to be nicer than the original spot, but there was some conflict in scheduling and, at the time, we thought the later camp was also going to be at this new campground.  That didn’t end up being the case, so we ended up at a campground in Northern WI in the middle of September. It could have been nice weather…we were hoping for warmer temperatures…but it was cold. Too fucking cold to be running around half-naked. Or all the way naked, as I had at the previous Tryst.  Trying to stay in fet-mode without my usual slutwear and high heels is…a challenge. We did manage, but…not nearly as well as we would have if the weather had been just a little nicer.  That said, we both agreed that next year we’ll try to attend the earlier camp at the more southern location. I’m no wuss when it comes to camping, but actual camping isn’t what I go to Camp for, if you get my meaning.  Regardless, we did manage to have some fun. 😉
Day 1 – Up North We Go
The first day wasn’t actually a Tryst day.  On Wednesday before the event, we drove up to W’s aunt’s house, which was about 3 hours away from Tryst. What an odd juxtaposition! I had to be the regular–not poly, not kinky (of course)–girlfriend, meeting his aunt, cousin, brother, and mom for the first time.  I think I passed as a normal girl okay.
A couple “road pics,” playing with my webcam.

First morning.

I discover that I can use the webcam as a mirror, and apply makeup in it.

And meeting his family for the first time was nice.  He’s a very…reserved…person about his family, and doesn’t even share much of himself with them, so it was a real honor that he actually introduced me to them.
It couldn’t be totally vanilla though.  That night, sleeping on the air mattress in his aunt’s basement, his brother sleeping only a few feet away, he finger fucked me and made me keep him hard, all the while growling in my ear, “Don’t make a sound.”
Sooo hot.
The REAL Day 1 – At Camp
Our little house (the yellow mansion on the right.)

It wasn’t as lonely as it looks, especially when our friend Bruce arrived with his real mansion-on-wheels, a giant RV. (God love him. Fresh coffee! Warmth! A bathroom!)  We were on the far end of the campgrounds, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I always need to be able to get away from people for short periods to recharge.
I actually love camping. I love setting up our “little house” as I call it.  W gave me a funny look at one point as I was rhapsodizing about our little tent-home. “You really are a nester, aren’t you?” Yup. But, as mentioned before, I don’t actually come to Camp to camp. So I was a little bit shell-shocked when the temps got down to the low 30’s that night (and never rose above the mid 40’s that first day.) I wanted to be naked, dammit! Not wearing 12 layers of clothes and huddling around a campfire.
Okay, enough complaining. Our tent was cozy, and we had an electric blanket, which was a god-send. And we did go up to the main tent-cum-dungeon to get warm thaw out play. This actually turned out to be a nice scene, though we didn’t get any pics of the meat of it (me trussed up and sucking W’s cock in the middle of the dungeon.)

Day 2 – Birthday!
The highlight of Camp (for me) was having orchestrated a group spanking scene for my birthday. To my delight, the whole Tryst team seemed to want to help make this scene happen, and helped spread the word in so many ways. One of those ways was to have W tie me up on the back of the golf cart and drive me around, announcing my birthday spanking time and place and inviting all and sundry to participate.
Tied to the cart. “Safety first,” Ad said when he saw the pic.

A birthday ass waiting to be spanked!

My only disappointment was that although we got some good pictures of the golfcart ride, not one was taken of the actual event by any of the three photogs there.
It was an amazing scene.  I was tied outside the dungeon over a purple spanking bench that matched my purple corset. There were pink helium balloons (a genuine surprise!) tied to the frame that stood over me.  And, when I looked up from my perch over the bench, there were at least 30 – 40 people waiting in line to give me my birthday 46. With W calling out, “Next!” every time the previous one stepped away.  I could not believe it.  It was the best birthday ever.
And oh! did my ass get whacked!

Just after that was the “Prison” group scene that the folks at Tryst had set up. I had sent in my “prisoner” application, but I was pretty wiped out, and it was getting chilly again, so I hid out in my tent instead of letting myself get captured. Naptime was a necessity!
Bruce showed up that afternoon with the RV, and we got to spend some time with him and his companion, which was nice.  And after I had gotten rested from my spanking and warmed up in the RV, I was ready for another round! So back to the dungeon-tent we went…

That night he poked and prodded my new birthday spanking bruises with hard, unrelenting fingers, delighting in the squeals of pain he invoked.  And then he fucked me raw.
Day 2 – Finally, Sun & Warmth!
Saturday it finally warmed up for about two hours. But prior to that we  got Onyx out for a drive on the wooded trails.  Again, disappointed that there was only ONE picture, and in that I had my eyes closed! But, such is life, we had a lovely morning prance around in the woods, even if we did have to dress Onyx for arctic weather (which meant the super-cool new harness W made went unused. Sad face.) W is getting to be quite the ponygirl handler.
A warmly dressed Onyx.

It finally warmed up for real, though, and we headed out to a lovely, sun-dappled spot between two trees.
So he would could whip me with singletails.

I feel like there should be a judge behind us with a sign giving him points for form. He looks so very zen here. LOVE the way that man throws a whip. 10 pts for style!

What you don’t see is in the next moment, before the burn of the slash of the whip had even cooled, he was pressed against my back, his cock hard against my ass, his hand on my cunt, and I was panting and squirming back against him. And moments after that, if we hadn’t had to take a break due to an unexpected interruption, he’d have been fucking me, right there, standing up between those trees in the sunshine.  Alas, the moment was lost, but we resumed with the whipping twenty minutes later.  And it was good.  I’d forgotten how painful and lovely and searing and terror-invoking and just plain intense a singletail can be.
The sunshine was nice too.
That afternoon, while dinner cooked, I asked W to tie me again.
See how good I am getting at asking for what I want?

We almost didn’t go up to the dungeon space Saturday night. I was a little “peopled out” and felt kinda like hiding away. W convinced me to go up just to hang out, and once there, after observing for quite a while, we ended up next to a frame, with him in a chair and me at his feet, watching a friend’s scene and the general dungeon goings-on.  He tied my neck to the leg of the frame…and then…we just sat there.  Me kneeling next to him, as he alternately raped me with a rope between my legs, had me suck his cock until I gave myself ropeburn on my neck, grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted me this way and that, fucked me with his hand as I presented myself to him, on my knees, ass up, and then probed my mouth with his fingers.
His fingers in my mouth almost turned me inside out.

Those two quiet hours may have been the most intense of the entire weekend.
And back at our tent, for hours on end during the weekend, he fucked me. With his hands, with his cock. Probing, pushing, pressing, poking. Until I was so raw and tender and swollen I knew I’d never feel “vanilla” again.
It’s been a week now, and I am back to “normal,” whatever that is. I don’t want to be back in the cold again.  But back in that space, where we can and are our full, unhidden, kinky selves?  Yeah, I’d like to be there.

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