The Shore – Days and Nights – Friday

I thought picture posts would give you the best overview of what we did while we were in Baltimore (for my conference) and the shore (the Friday, Saturday and Sunday beforehand.) I kind of like the juxtaposition of vanilla(ish) and kink.  It kind of optimizes our entire time back East.


A random beach on the way to Ocean City.

First beach
I couldn't wait another minute to get my bare feet in the sand.

Beach day 1
Or to play on the rocks.

Apparently W couldn't wait either. Or else he just went along with the crazy, "I gotta be on the saaaand!" whimpering girl. Also, I was driving. He had no choice.

After we got checked in at our little motel on the beach in Ocean City, we headed down the boardwalk.  W secured by chain and lock around my neck, and I asked if I could wear something sexy underneath my t-shirt and jeans.
He said yes.
He's no dummy - my ring bra makes my nipples poke out like little pebbles under my shirt!

And later, of course, we found a place to show it off a little better.
I love how deserted the beach wasn't all that deserted, to be honest. But we were quick. 😉


And that night, for the first time, I am in rope, my chain & lock-and the ring bra.

Earlier that day, as I mentioned above, we had played on the beach, then gone to dinner, and finally, ran home in the rain that I had called. Earlier that afternoon I had said, “Oh my god, wouldn’t a storm be lovely?” W looked at the cloudless sky. “Not a chance,” he said.  Two miles of wandering, a bottle of wine, some good food and several drinks later, we were running home in the rain.  Apparently my rain-goddess powers were strong that night.


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