So. I can’t do everything.

No really. There just isn’t enough time in my life, in the world, to do all the things I want to do.

  • Write & submit at least one piece of erotica per quarter
  • Write a novel
  • Blogs consistently
  • Write blogs of substance
  • Read other people’s blogs
  • Write a monthly, substantive, column
  • Watch TV (Really! There are actually three shows that I WANT to watch.)
  • Play Words with Friends
  • Play Lexulous
  • Run
  • Cook fantastic dinners – or at least good ones
  • Practice good nutrition
  • Clean house
  • Crochet
  • Finish my new website
  • Keep up on Twitter – both work and personal
  • Keep up on Facebook – both work and personal
  • Develop, implement & maintain a cohesive, robust & relevant social media program at work
  • Do all the other shit at work that needs doing
  • Plan vacations
  • Make beaded jewelry
  • Finish my degree
  • Do yoga
  • Have lots of sex
  • Get tied up
  • Get beat up
  • Write about having lots of sex, getting tied up and getting beat up (oh wait I already covered that)
  • Help my son with his homework
  • Help my daughter set up  & paint her new place
  • See my mom more than once every six weeks
  • Maintain a budget
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Post lots of pictures
  • Hang out on Fetlife & actually contribute to discussions
  • Network better
  • Straighten my hair
  • Completely rebuild my website’s .org
  • Learn to use Photoshop better
  • Learn to use Dreamweaver better
  • Date interesting people
  • Have “W-mandated” dates
  • Do swinger stuff
  • Help Ad find his passion – or least a better job
  • Wash my car once in awhile
  • Hike
  • Backpack
  • Keep my nails painted
  • Read & review more books
  • Read non-fiction books
  • Read my Wired magazines
  • Follow-up on all the opportunities that capture my interest
  • Go see movies
  • See my friends more often
  • Nurture my friendships
  • Find a hobby that Ad and I can share
  • Re-learn Spanish
  • Take a drawing class
  • Go to the Art Museum once in awhile
  • Listen to live music more often
  • Finish more playlists on my iPod
  • Find more new music for my iPod
  • Learn. Everything.
  • Do. Everything.


7 thoughts on “So. I can’t do everything.

  1. I don’t think I’d even dare try and make such a list, although if I did some of it would look suprisingly similar to yours. There really just is never enough time for everything, certainly never enough to spend with people we love.

  2. OK… so you are me, or I am you? Not sure which but with a bit of tweeking here and there this is my list….plus add on about 100 more things! I am tempted to make my own list but I am also worried that I might just terrify myself into total inaction!

  3. Sounds like we all need about 8 more hours per day. Huh, maybe those hours we spend sleeping??
    And Molly–I keep thinking up new things that I should have included on the list! I am afraid to go back in and add them tho. Like you say, I’d paralyze myself. lol

  4. I feel exhausted just reading the list and I try to have this kind of life, too. I find that it helps to just keep moving.
    Hope you get everything accomplished and most of all, enjoy it!

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