Go Cardinals!

Holy shit.  Just walked back into my office after “lunch.” Or rather, I stumbled back into my office, head still buzzing, ass still smarting, pussy still throbbing. Looked down at myself as I did so and saw that the center button on my sweater had come unbuttoned.
And that there was:

  • Dirt on my jeans from my knees to my feet
  • Grime and rope marks on my wrists
  • Strap-marks at the corners of my mouth
  • Sawdust in my hair
  • A glazed look in my eyes

And underneath it all, a pair of panties so obscenely wet it’s like I danced in the rain in them.
Go, Cards, indeed!

2 thoughts on “Go Cardinals!

  1. Hi Jade. I have been wanting to comment on your session at Bondage Demons where your master bound you with a sweater tied tight around your face, then allowed you to pleasure him with your mouth. Since you mentioned your sweater, I thought I might as well put my comment here. The sweater blindfold series was incredible, especially since my particular fetish is sweater bondage (see seriousbondage.com Micilaneous listing). I have been using the blindfold technique your Master used on you for years, but had never see it at site like this. I would love to know what you felt about being used that way and how you came to be sweater blindfolded like that. You are a delicious sub. All the best, Sweatersgalore

    1. Hi there, and thank you for your nice comments, both here and on Fet. Actually the way that particular scene came about was kind of odd. I was writing a piece of fiction in which I wanted to know if a woman could be tied up from behind without ever seeing her abductor. So I asked W to playact/research it with me, and the easiest way to obscure my vision was to pull a sweater completely over my head. The cool part was that tho it started out as playacting, it rapidly turned into a very hot scene (I love being a writer!)

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