Wanton Wednesday – Motel

Sheesh, I promised to post more pics from Saturday night at the motel, then I promptly forgot about it. (Albeit with good reason – call me all twitterpated over this and then sub-buzzled when I got back.)
But I’m coming though for ya! Here are a few more pics of that little scene in the sleazebag motel on the far end of the Boardwalk at the edge of the Atlantic.

You can guess what was happening. Unfortunately, what happened didn’t happen for long, because shortly after the expression above (generated by W’s fingers, which you can just see at the bottom of the pic) I had to be released due to rope stress.  I love love love stressful bondage, but I knew that W had planned more, and so was sad when I was only able to manage Part 1 of the scene.  Still, it was freakin’ hot, and the pics are something to look at as well.
PS – There might be a click-thru. 😉

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