It’s been made abundantly clear…

…that I suck balls at follow-up.  Apparently, at some point, I promised to post real snapshots do go with the verbal ones I mentioned here: Snapshots from the Weekend.  In my defense, I did post one follow-up: Weekend Snapshot – Waiting.  But…that doesn’t exactly fulfill the promise, does it?
So I started this post thinking I’d do that, you know, post one pic per bullet point. But…well, once I started looking through the pictures I realized I couldn’t post just one.  At least for one of them.  So…you’re going to get a bonus (at some point.)  A whole post devoted to the first bullet point. But for the rest, here you go:

  • Bound and gagged on the floor, waiting for a stranger to arrive: fuckmeat.  This is the one that you’ll have to wait for the full post.  In looking through the pictures I realize there’s just too much story there. (Sorry!  But it’ll be worth the wait, promise!)
  • Tied in a storage room, leaning against a wall with a bag over my head: parcel post.

Parcel Post

  • Head shoved out the window in the rain & wind, sash closed on my neck, arms tied behind my back while he fucks me from behind: weather girl.

weather girl

  • Short skirt and high heels with a surprise dangling from my rings at dinner: penalty paid.


  • Hands taped behind my back, pushed against the wall, sliding down to suck a “trainee’s” cock: demo girl.  This is one I don’t actually have a picture for, as it was a private session with a friend. But I did get a story out of it, which was just accepted for publication! So, you’ll have the opportunity to read something about that night (or at least a fictionalized version) someday.
  • Tightly bound on the floor, arms and shoulders straining in the tie, rope cutting into my mouth as I struggle to breathe: rope slut.

rope slut

  • Head back, struggling not to gag, as he pins me on the couch and fucks my mouth mercilessly: fuck hole. Yum, no pictures for this.  Too bad for you, but much better for the two of us. It’d been a mood-killer if he’d stopped to take pictures. LOL
  • Writing lists, making plans, checking email: planner girl.

planner girl

  • Ropes stretching from wall hooks to ankles & wrists in pretty vertical lines like a harpsichord: musical girl.

musical girl

  • Poking the sleeping tiger til he rouses and ponces on me. His prey tries to escape-nothing doing: tied-up-and-raped girl.  Alas, no pics of this either. You’ll just have to trust me–it was HOT.

There now.  Don’t say I don’t keep my promises. ;-P

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