Pieces of Jade & A Poly Life – A Match Made in Heaven?

I’m exhausted, dispirited, disillusioned and disheartened. (Any more dis-s? Give me a minute…I could probably think of a few.  On second thought, that just makes me discouraged. Sigh.)
Normally I wouldn’t post this here. This is my place for sex, right? Where I get raunchy and nasty and dirty and kinky.
But I am looking at changing up the format a bit, so that posts I would normally post over on A Poly Life would now be posted here–or rather, at my new domain. I haven’t quite made the changeover, nor have I set my mind on actually doing that–marrying the two “halves” of my blogging life, the hot sex part here, and the relationship family part there. Do people that come here want to read about my kids, the shit I angst over, my job and what I read and do (outside of kink), what I think about open relationships, etc. etc?  Is it even appropriate to talk about those things in this space?
Those are some of the things that I am mulling over, as I angst over being a mom and how challenging my wonderful, brilliant and totally boneheaded last child is. As I worry about Ad and the depression that has him by the balls and heart and mind so tight it is strangling him–and our relationship. As I ponder my own–and my loved ones’–mortality.  And my own fears, fear of growing old, of being undesirable, fear of change, fear of my own inadequacies and of failing…
But how can I fear failing? I’ve done it often enough.  I never ever feel that I’ve done enough.
Or that there’s enough time to make up for the failures, to make them right, to do the things I want to do and be the person I wanted to be.
I had a rough afternoon/night. Feeling overwhelmed at work–and inadequate to the job. Not following thru on any of the goals I have set for myself. Unable to make a fucking decision about anything. Hitting a budgeting bump of my own (albeit a mall one, but money issues carry their own special kind of baggage/headtrips for me)  and one of Ad’s.  Dealing with Ad. Dealing with an acquaintance’s sudden death. Dealing with parent/teacher conferences and that challenging child, with being an only parent in a way I never have been before. Dealing with…changes in my lifestyle brought on by health issues.
See? Do you really wanna read that shit here?
You just want to get your dick hard or your cunt wet, right?
No, honestly…I’m asking.  I’m not gonna hold either answer against you (it’s a blind poll-heh.)  But seriously–I’m just…honestly curious. Would it be jarring to read about the baby afghan I am crocheting right before I post a picture of me tied and gagged and getting fucked?
Would that change how you saw me?  Would that change your enjoyment of this space?
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14 thoughts on “Pieces of Jade & A Poly Life – A Match Made in Heaven?

  1. I vote yes. Yes to what you want.
    This/these blogs aren’t about what we want.
    They’re about what you want and need. I/we who read do so because you’re being honest and you.
    Join the blogs if that’s what you want. I will be here reading. Indeed, I love reading about you. Not just select aspects of you. I want to read about your fucking and your fucking afghan. 🙂

    1. ~hugs~ I ADORE you, darling man (and we get the chance to talk far too little.)
      I DO know that this is my space, and I will continue to write about every aspect of my life, the kinky and the not, whether it is here or separated. I was just curious about what others thought about the idea.
      Thank you for your vote and your sentiment. xoxo

  2. Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch right now. 🙁
    I agree with Julian. His final paragraph summed it up perfectly.
    Take care. 🙂

  3. Hi Jade,
    It’s easier to combine your efforts and it sounds as though you may have spread yourself too thin. I think combining your posts at one site would give a more realistic view of your life. Em and I judiciously discuss real life at our blog and I think our readers appreciate that. I think it adds to the significance of the blog.
    I appreciate your efforts and will continue to be a big fan regardless of your choice. I hope some of the pressures ease up for you soon. Sounds like you’re carrying a lot on your shoulders. I don’t mean it to sound sexist but women often do that. Step back and give yourself the time you need to take care of your needs. You have to be kind to yourself before you can be all there for others.
    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  4. I would welcome reading all about you in every aspect you are willing to share.
    The main thing is to take care of yourself. We, your loyal readers, will be there.

  5. Please post whatever is in your heart. I love your stirring and also sharing your feelings regardless of which side of your life they are on.

  6. My phone apparently doesn’t like Polldaddy so I’ll pipe up here. Please bring it on, Jade. All of it, the weak and strong the D and s, the hard and soft. I feel your pain with Ad’s depression; I’ve been on both sides of that road and it is so damn fucking hard for both the sufferer and the loved ones. I’ve been in a funk myself and haven’t written in a few weeks (even though I’m still slutting around). I will read you, all of you, and love every moment.

    1. Thank you so much. The Ad thing…yes. (sigh) We’re working thu it, but…it can be hard. For both of us. I’m sorry you been in a funk and not writing…I know how that goes. Thank you for taking the time to comment here tho…I certainly appreciate it. (Glad you’re still slutting around though-and can’t wait to red about it when you get out of the funk.)

  7. I didn’t vote in the poll, but I feel like there are “out of the box” options to consider. If you are creating your own domain, your own website, why not divide up the posts onto separate pages such that mom angst stuff goes on pageA, kinky stuff goes on pageB, etc? I’d love to have all your stuff in one place, on one site, but sometimes I’m in the mood for your parenting/life/angst writing, other times I just want to know about you and W. If you’re creating your own site, why can’t you have both; one page, with two blogs?
    Although I’m curious. Does this not solve the problem for you? Because I can see how someone else might see that option as more of the same.

    1. ~nodding~ That is sort of the dilemma and one solution, tho how to accomplish that I am not sure. I am futzing around with categories, etc., tho that doesn’t keep them on another page. That’s what I’d like…a “mini” blog within PoJ but separate, but I am not sure how to accomplish that.

      1. Surely the answer is in the name? There are many “pieces” of you, Jade. But there are also blogs with links across the top, links that could be tied to tags: all, sex, life, whatever. Because yes, it’s your blog. But I also understand the author’s impulse to figure out what works for the reader. If you don’t do that, you end up sounding like Joyce.
        Incidentally, you don’t know me, but I’ve read every entry in PoJ, and quite a lot in APL. I’ve only commented once before, so take my comment for whatever you feel it’s worth. I won’t be offended.

      2. You could try doing cut-out posts with a corresponding category or tag. Write one line, then link to a separate page with the full post. To me, that sounds like a “mini blog within PoJ”, but with a click-through link it also creates that separation you seem to be looking for. Make sense?

  8. Thanks so much for all of the feedback! I’m definitely looking into my options. But regardless of how I decide the format to be, I can’t WAIT to unveil the new site! I think it’ll be super-duper snazzy. 🙂
    PS – to thorn: So funny that you mention the “Pieces of Jade” name, and what it signifies/implies. I will have to expand on that in a future blog post – but be assured that it wasn’t an accidental choice. 🙂

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