Wearables – Thong Thursday: Short & Sweet (and Kinda Funny)

The funny part about being me is–being me.  I’m kind of a goofball.  Seriously, sometimes I crack myself UP.
For instance this whole bodily functions thing. Today W said my Wearable was a thong to work–“Thong Thursday,” he called it. (Cute, huh?) I know, in our world you’d think thongs or no panties at all would be the costume de rigueur, but W’s never been one to do something just because everyone else does, and, except for a very special few circumstances, he’s never told me that I have to be pantiless, or wear a thong, or stockings or a skirt or whatever. Well, except for the high heels, of course. (And I’ll tell you a secret–he doesn’t always insist on those either.  A couple times lately he’s even let me do bondage in bare feet! Shhh…)  Anyway…maybe because he doesn’t usually tell me what to wear, when he does, it’s special fun.  And I really strive to find/wear/do it exactly right to please him the most.
And take pics. 😉
Even when it’s just “wear a thong to work.”  That might seem “ho hum” to some, but because he wanted me to, it became a “special thing.” The fact that thongs make my rings especially pinchy, and that sometimes it’s just more comfortable to push the damn thing up between my lips, leaving my rings hanging and exposed on either side, is also possibly not lost on him.
He’s kind of observant that way.
But here’s the fun part.
I’m on my period. Yeah, yeah, I know, TMI, Jade!  But it really does make the story.  Hang in there.
So, originally he had told me to wear something else to work, but because my CFO was in town, I asked to be excused from anything that might cause an issue.  And because I think he is kind of proud of my professional life, he excused me from wearing it, and told me to wear a thong instead.
As soon as I said okay and got off chat, I realized that I had yet another issue: my period. So here’s even more TMI: except for very occasionally, for very specific reasons, I don’t do tampons.  And never all day at work.  So, um, I kinda need panties.  This morning I looked at my skinny little thong and I looked at what I was going to use for my period and…
I had to make do. Because he’d asked me to wear it, dammit, I’d already gotten a pass once, and I wasn’t going to disappoint.
Here’s Part 2 of this saga: since W’s out of town, I’m…growing a little furry down there. It’s the perfect opportunity to let it grow out again so I can get it waxed (I hate seeing him in the in-between phase.)  So…some extra pubic hair, a thin piece of material that doesn’t give the sticky side of the pad anywhere to stick to, and…you guessed it.  You have a recipe for some unintentional hair-pulling.  All day. In my CROTCH.
And yes, I’ve seen those new-fangled thong-shaped pads. And NO I’m not going to buy them. Are you kidding? I still blush every time I buy “girlie things” as it is! Have the clerk know that I not only have a period but that I wear a thong too????
And PS: No, I did not get any pictures. ~smirk~

2 thoughts on “Wearables – Thong Thursday: Short & Sweet (and Kinda Funny)

  1. Pffft… now this is a case of modern times moving away from practical items…
    When I first started wearing pads there was a special harness women wore to hold the pad, since they didn’t have sticky backs at that time… that would have been the perfect solution to your dilemma!! Yes, some pad would have shown but it wouldn’t have ripped at the pubic hair!!
    ~Kazi xxx

  2. It’s all about drugstore.com! No nosy teenaged clerks looking at your stuff. I would also suggest Lunapads. Don’t know if they are too hippie for you, but I love them!

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