The Shore – Chincoteague Island

When we last left off
I was tied into a chair in a most compromising position. I escaped.
My favorite line of the trip came later that night, when all I wanted was to get warm and bathed, and I stood, looking with dismay at the bathtub, which was decidedly not up to my personal standards of cleanliness.  W gave me a little shove towards it. “You’re already a dirty little bitch,” he growled, “now get in that tub.”
He says the sweetest things.
And well, that’s all you get of kink for this post, because the next day was all vanilla, and traveling back to Baltimore, and getting settled in at our hotel there. We had a lovely day, being tourists, buying a book for his granddaughter’s first birthday, climbing a lighthouse and in general, just being partners, lovers, friends.
That is part of our relationship too.
We headed over to Chincoteague Island on our way back to Baltimore. Ever since I had read Misty of Chincoteague as a girl, I had dreamed of visiting Chincoteague Island. What I discovered in my research as I planned our trip, though, is that only the ponies on Assateague are truly wild. The ponies on Chincoteague are a carefully managed herd owned by the Chincoteague Island Fire Department and allowed to graze on the island.  Which is fine, but…I was so very happy to have seen the wild ponies on Assateague. Though they, too, are subject to wildlife management techniques (in particular having their herd size managed by birth control), seeing them out there in the marshes was much more in line with how I had envisioned them, than behind the fences at Chincoteague.
Still, Chincoteague itself was a much nicer place than Ocean City. Ocean City is a garish, blowsy whore compared to her gentile, well-bred sister, Chincoteague. I could live on Chincoteague.  I could not stomach living at Ocean City.
The first place we went when we got there was the Chincoteague Lighthouse.  In my copious trip research, I had discovered that it was there and open for tours, and I rightly surmised that W would be thrilled to visit it.

Our first glimpse of Chincoteague Lighthouse thru the trees.

The Lighthouse was originally built on a bare hill about 200-300 yards from the sea. Now it is almost a half mile away, and stands amid towering pines.
A little phallic, wouldn't you say? (I can't be completely vanilla!)

And yes, even for "hiking" I wore heels - purchased especially for this trip and for that reason. 😀

Up the winding staircase...


In the lighthouse window.

At the top. It was cold!

And windy.

From there we headed to the beach.  It was really cold and blustery that day.  The beach was nearly deserted, the sky was ominous and the waves beautiful.

But we had to get back to Baltimore to return the rental car…so on to Baltimore and my work conference (and a wee bit of kinky fun) we went.
Next up, Baltimore!
Well, okay, okay…I can’t leave this completely non-kinky…
This was how I spent my evening after I lost that bet I mentioned last Sunday. Trussed and typing, as I should be. 😀

Next up, Work and Play in Baltimore!


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