Sinful Sunday – The Bet

Okay, so I’ve teased you enough.  Just what was this bet that I lost?
I thought that deaf people couldn’t drive. It only made sense to me–if a policeman can give you a ticket for having earphones in your ears – thus making you an unsafe driver – how could it be legal for a deaf person to drive??
I was wrong.
I lost.
W made me pay.

Clothespins on the ears hurt! And they hurt even more coming off, one by one, SLOWLY...

 PS – there might be a click thru with a better view. 😉

Sinful Sunday - Paying Off a Bet

6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – The Bet

    1. Well that’s what I thought too, til I got pulled over for having my iPod earbuds in, and got told that was why (I wouldn’t be able to hear emergency vehicles.) Makes a person go “hmm.”

      1. I’ve not been pulled over for that (though I’ve been warned by others that I could be)… since it is my way of being hands-free on my phone, that is the argument I would use…!
        ~Kazi xxx

  1. I work at a school for the deaf, and most of the teachers there are deaf, too.
    Most are VERY good drivers, since they know they have to pay extra attention!
    Others are very bad…
    And ouch!! nasty payback! 😉
    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Ohhh I nearly missed this post. Don’t forget to add your link to the Sinful Sunday page….otherwise I might miss such wonderful evil things! 😉 You are right too, doesn’t matter where the pegs are it is the taking them off that is the worst bit!

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