A (Late) Wanton Wednesday & Possible Scavenger Hunt – Doctor’s Office

I’ve decided to join in Curvaceous Dee’s (previously SapioSlut‘s) Scavenger Hunt, and start documenting places where I get my exhibitionist streak on!
What…? Didn’t know I was an exhibitionist? Well, actually, I’m not. At least not in the way the Scavenger Hunt proposes. Getting naked or partially naked or even just flashing a bit in public places has always been…a bit of an edge for me. I’ve pushed that edge on a couple of the dates W has sent me on, but though he likes me dress sexy/slutty, he’s never really pushed me that way.
But W’s away…and I want to play! I hope(!) that this surprises and pleases him. But even if he just cocks an eyebrow at it and shrugs, I’ll have fun with it. And who knows, maybe he’ll find he enjoys it and decide to send me out “scavenging” while he’s away. Or to help me when he’s here. Or maybe Ad or other local “friends” will offer to help out. 😉 Whichever way it works out, I hope that you’ll join me in my adventures.
So first of all, this isn’t an “official” Scavenger Hunt place. A doctor’s office? But don’t you have to get naked or semi-naked there anyway?
Sure you do. But you aren’t supposed to feel sexy, or pretty about it, are you. You are supposed to get naked in a very prescribed, very appropriate manner.  Not when the nurse steps out to get the gown she forgot to bring in so you can get correctly naked.  And truthfully, all they needed to see was the upper part of my chest, just under my collar bone. I didn’t have to flash my titties right there in the surgeon’s office.
So I did.  For W, because I wanted him to see me having fun even in that less-than-ideal situation.  And for me, because I wanted to feel…a little more like me than I have been lately.
Lastly–before we get to the fun part!–a PSA.
I was in the surgeon’s office to get a skin cancer regrowth removed from my chest. This is the third basal cell carcinoma that I have had removed this year (but the first that has recurred.)  It is the most common type of skin cancer–and in fact is the most common cancer.  While it doesn’t usually metastasize to vital organs, it can damage surrounding tissue and cause considerable destruction and disfigurement.  The key to effective treatment is early detection and treatment.  People with fair skin, blues eyes, blond or red hair are more likely to get it, and of course exposure to the sun is a huge contributing factor.
Wear sunscreen. If you develop symptoms, get checked. If BCC is suspected or diagnosed, get treated.
Okay, end PSA.  On to fun!
Here I am having fun at the doctor’s office, just for you, my faithful readers, and for W, because he needs a little fun, and for me, because I did too before the scalpels and cauterizing pens and needles and blood happened.

Dee, does this qualify me for the Scavenger Hunt?? 😉

It’s Wednesday, and we’re getting a little Wanton! Check out Molly’s Daily Kiss this week for all the fun!

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