NaNoWriMo & Other Tidbits

Soooo…here we are almost halfway through the challenge.
So how ya doin’, Jade?

Yeah, doesn’t look so good for me.  Unless I start knocking out 2,153 words/day, I’ll finish on January 18, 2012.
But you know what? I’m okay with this. Not because I’ve accepted defeat, nor because I believe that I am going to miraculously pull this off and actually write 50,000 words, but because (although the graph doesn’t indicate it above) I’ve been writing every day.  And that, to me, is a victory.
One reason the graph doesn’t reflect all that writing is because much of it has been here, in this blog, and on a short story that I am working on.  I know, I said I wasn’t going to be writing here, but my creative brain just doesn’t work that way, I suppose, and it’s something that I am coming to accept about myself. Just like with everything else-crochet, books, school, work, hobbies, relationships–I just can’t focus on one thing.  I need several projects going at once.  For that reason, maybe I won’t ever manage to finish a novel…but I’m okay with that, too.  I’ll keep plugging away…a little here, a little there, writing my blogs and short stories (and getting those pubbed here and there) in the meantime.
That’s not a bad thing.
I actually had a good today, and got some things done on my to-do list:

  • Worked on the design of my new blog/researched blog designs I like
  • Did my fall upkeep on my houseplants, bringing them in, trimming dead leaves, replanting and taking clippings
  • Went over to The Missy’s place and worked with her on lists: grocery, household items, to-do to get moved in
  • Got three small work tasks complete
  • Took a 2-mile walk with Missy and the dog
Yeah here we are all bundled up. It was actually a gorgeous afternoon, but I knew it would turn cold on the way back--thus the mitt-mitts, hats and muffler. I was right.
  •  Planned and made a special dinner for Ad

Ok, confession time.  A funny addendum to my “Why I suck” post. Today isn’t Ad’s birthday. Tomorrow is. Here’s the thing. Yes, I always remember his birthday because of Veteran’s Day. But what happens is this: “Tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day? Oh my god, that’s Ad’s birthday! No wait <whew!> Ad’s birthday is the day after Veteran’s Day.”  And then I have time to get him something and makes plans.  This year I left off part 2 of my inner dialogue. And didn’t realize it until last night, when I was asking him where he wanted to go to dinner tonight, and he said, “You know my birthday is Saturday, right?” Gah, I was so embarrassed!  So the Missy and I decided to make him a favorite dinner tonight (lasagna) and his favorite cake (German Chocolate.) But since it’s not actually his birthday, we made cupcakes, and we told him it’s just because, you know, he’s a veteran, and we want to celebrate that. “Any excuse for homemade dinner and cupcakes!” he said.
Tomorrow night: birthday dinner and Kindle-giving. And after that, his real present: I’m gonna beg him to fuck me in the ass. 😀
So it’s been a fairly productive day, even if I didn’t do everything I wanted. Just getting my ass out there and walking makes me feel good.
And now…writing. And after that, as a reward, I get to look at my new crochet book and decide what I’m going to do with a project I’ve been dying to get started.

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