Tuesday & Wednesday in Baltimore

I don’t actually have much left to tell about our trip, except maybe a few images to share of our last two days there.
Oddly enough, I don’t have any pictures that would indicate what sort of Wearable W might have had me wear Tuesday.  Perhaps none? Oh well, as the saying goes, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” In this case, for real.
Tuesday night W and I went on an impromptu pub crawl. It was loads of fun, wandering from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant in the neighborhoods between the Inner Harbor and our hotel, talking to people, to each other, laughing and just enjoying each other.  And at the end of the night we ended up at our favorite place, an Irish pub just down from our hotel that had the best food.


Needless to say, we didn’t play that night.  What we did was have lots of drunken sex.  After imbibing quite a bit of alcohol, we staggered back to our hotel room and did the nasty, but without rope or other hurt-y implements. There’s a time and place for that stuff.
The next day W sent me to work in my lock and chain for the first time.
I looked pretty professional on the outside.
Well except for the 5 inch come-fuck-me-boots, maybe. 😉

But underneath I was a sexy girl.

The day at the conference was a short one, and we got to spend several hours hanging out at the Inner Harbor before we had to head to the airport.
I took lots of tourist-y pics.
The dragon boats in the harbor.

W in a candid moment.

But it's his smile I love.

One last picture, and then it was time to head home. Goodbye until next year, Baltimore!

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