Wanton Wednesday – A Handful

I wonder what it is about a hand in the hair that is such a trigger. I know, it’s almost a cliche, but still, cliche or not, that is one of those simple things almost guaranteed to make me wet, make me limp, make my knees weak.

What I like about this image is not just his hand in my hair, though. It’s my hand, clawing at his leg, holding on for dear life.
(There’s a click-thru that shows another image of a hand, his hand on my flesh, gripping me, that makes my belly do flip-flops.  And yes, it’s partly the whipmarks, and the remembered feel of them on my skin, but mostly…it’s his grip that gets me.)

Whether it’s a little naked or a lot naked, baring your soul or baring your body parts, you are welcome to join us! Yes, you! Words, photos, whatever you want to share that is Wanton will fit right in.

Wanton Wednesday


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