Day 4 – Pics & Tidbits from Michigan

We spent all day at a spa at the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. Heaven.
Really, there’s not much else to say, well, except I once again managed not to flash my shinies at her, in spite of spending time in a sauna and a steamroom, getting naked and redressed in a locker room together, and hanging out in the jacuzzi (sipping cups of hot tea and letting the rain fall softly on our faces.) I’m getting to be a pro at moving and holding myself so that they aren’t so out there.
By the time we came back-and after a long, fruitless search for an ice cream shop-we were exhausted (massages and facials can take it outta ya!) so we made bowls of store-bought ice cream, curled up in bed with our laptops, turned on a silly movie, and tried to stay awake. The waves soon lulled us to sleep, though.
This morning we woke late and ever since have been sipping coffee, crocheting, talking and playing on our ‘puters in front of the windows while the waves crash below and the wind howls. It has even spit a snowflake or two at us.  We keep talking about driving to Traverse City to get fudge and a postcard for her to send to a friend, but the sound of that cold, cold wind is a bit of a deterrent.
Some pictures from our travels yesterday…

The path from our house down to the beach.

Our feet flirting with the waves. 🙂

The Girl.

The house as seen from the beach. Our space is the top floor.

Another sideroad excursion.

I'm always amazed (and delighted) by how much empty, rolling farmland there is in this country. Having been raised in a rural area you'd think it wouldn't be a surprise, but I guess 25 years in urban areas will make you forget.

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