30 Days of Kink – Day 15: Something(s) I’d Like to Try

Damn, it’s been awhile since I updated this meme. I think I actually forgot that I hadn’t finished it. LOL  But now, while I’m not actually doing anything kinky, seems to be a good time to think about it. At least I have my imagination, right? (Or maybe it’s the wrong time to be thinking about kink, it just depresses me to think and dream and want and need and plot and scheme and get myself all worked up for nothing.) 🙁  Anyway.  We’ll go with the first option, and I’ll let myself dream in my head, at least.
Day 15: Post a BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.
There’s not many things that I want to do that don’t, eventually, happen. I’ve learned to ask for things and I’ve learned to plan things, if I want them bad enough. But there are a few things that haven’t yet happened and that I dream/fantasize about.
This is also an interesting exercise because at one point W had talked about creating a sexual/BDSM “bucket-list” for me.  I don’t know if he ever started it, but whether or not he did, I wonder if any of the things I’ve listed below would be on his?
Of course, some of those are (and should remain) “just” fantasies. 😉  But a few of them, well…they might be do-able. And maybe even be as hot as they are in my head when they happen.

  1. Being hooked up to a milking machine
  2. A forced gangbang
  3. A blindfolded gangbang (not sure this would be termed gangbang, but the scene is this: being tied by the neck in a room, blindfolded, on a mattress on the floor, while men (and women?) come in one by one and use my mouth and cunt and ass. I never know who they are.)
  4. A multi-person bukakke/pissed-on scene (I actually have this one pretty well plotted out as well: I am staked out and beaten up, with whips and by hand, while a group of men watch, until I am a sobbing mess.  At that point I am taken down, thrown on the ground, and left there while they jerk off and piss on me.)
  5. Being the mouth in a gloryhole
  6. Being fucked with electricity (I saw this being done and it has intrigued me ever since)
  7. A more brutal electricity scene (cattle prod-type)
  8. Being pushed to use a safeword
  9. Anal fisting
  10. Being made to cry during a scene
  11. Getting fisted in a public scene
  12. Being peed in
  13. Being used as a collection of holes for use over a weekend (this usually involves more than one man in my fantasy, but not always): never spoken to as “me” the whole time, simply being used and put away (in some kind of cage or bondage or confinement in a room) and brought out to be abused physically and sexually, then put away again, my food and water being left in a bowl, only allowed to piss and shit and eat when/where allowed. Being treated as merely a “thing” for their use and ignored otherwise.
  14. A “D/s” weekend, much like the above, but without the brutality of the above, more about rules, such as not being allowed on furniture, or allowed to walk unless told to, to maintain a certain demeanor, being made to serve in every way, to address the “Other” in a certain way, being made to wear certain clothes and eat certain foods, having everything controlled.  Being made to wear a buttplug or other paraphernalia (and insert and remove them on demand), being made to expose and fuck myself at command, to use objects on myself and to pleasure the Top in every way he demands, but also to serve him (prepare meals, drinks, wash & massage him, serve all his needs, both sexually and in more mundane ways.)  To be taken out in public with these rules/strictures in place (mitigated/revised as needed for the “real world,” such as having food, drink & clothing chosen for me.)
  15. Having W piss in my mouth while someone else fucks me from behind
  16. Anal training: being made to wear a plug daily for longer and longer periods of time, having my ass used and stretched daily with both a cock and toys
  17. Having an inflatable butt-plug used on me
  18. Being fucked with very large objects
  19. Having some kind of “scene-space” ritual between W and I (and to have that ritual ignored at times when he just grabs me, drags me somewhere and attacks/abuses me)
  20. Having a daily “maintenance” spanking (or some other kind of BDSM activity), either every morning or every night (or both!)

Apparently not having any kink gives me LOTS of time to work on fantasies!  And I am sure there are more (in fact I can think of one very not-PC fantasy in particular that I won’t share here) but I’ll leave it at a nice round twenty. 😉
It’s interesting to me that most of these things do not involve typical “kink” activities, such as specific toy use (except the electricity stuff.)  But I guess that makes sense, since any toy that I can think of, I have, he has, or we could obtain to try, and he (or someone) has used most of them on me at one time or another, and most of the “new” things are things that he invents or makes himself, so I can’t begin to imagine them. 😉
Edit: Apparently I am not very good at round numbers, because I have to add a few more that have occurred to me. Huh, maybe I’ll make it a regular “Bucket List” page, eh?  Anyway:

    1. Having my labia sewn shut
    2. Saline injections in my labia

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Kink – Day 15: Something(s) I’d Like to Try

  1. I have indeed started a list for you.
    I’ve always maintained that women are just as kinky as men – if not more so. I think this list supports that notion. You missed a few things on my list, but that matters not, as the two are now joined.
    We’ll start working on it!

  2. Wow, so many hot ideas. I’m a boy but even I’d try some of those. I’m not saying which of course.
    Coincidentally, 5 is my lucky number. 😉
    sev xx

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