The Missy came over last night. Or rather, she was here when I got home from work, on the internet, washing clothes and watching cable TV. She doesn’t have any of those things in her new place, so even though she is officially moved in over there, she still comes over a few nights a week to partake of our internet/cable and washing facilities.
I was ready for her to go home at 8pm.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having her here, but 1) I am not a TV watcher, and having it on some mindless modeling reality show was seriously getting on my nerves; and 2) I wanted to get laid.
Getting to have sex any time–and in any way–I want was one of the perks of not being a fulltime mom to the Boychild, and which has been seriously curtailed with the advent of fulltime mommyhood. It hasn’t been so much of an issue while Ad’s had his libido on the back burner, but now that he’s back, well…I want a piece of that. And I wanted it right then, because the Boychild happened to be staying late at school for drama club.
W’s “NYC Preparations” have had me thinking about my cunt and ass an awful lot, and although I wore my Njoy for six hours the day before, I hadn’t had contact with any random (or even not-so-random) males to “speculate” upon as instructed, and I hadn’t been able to fulfill his instructions at all during the day at work.
So I was a woman on a mission, with instructions to follow, dammit, and I had a plan, one that I had a feeling would satisfy W’s instructions in spades (and heh, me too, while I was at it): double penetration with Big Blue and some other as-yet-to-be-determined toy. Bendy Red, or the Njoy Wand? I just wasn’t sure. So many toys to choose from. And I knew that Ad would indulge me entirely in this, as he enjoys using toys on me.
And there sat my lovely, sociable, entirely enchanting daughter, telling me all about the birthday party she’d thrown for her girlfriend, talking about crocheting and giving me all the info on the show she was watching, so I could enjoy it as much as she does.
Of course I couldn’t kick her out. When she finally left, though, (much too late for Ad and I to play), I asked her sweetly, “So exactly when are you getting cable and internet at your place?”

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  1. LOL…. oh the joys of motherhood… they don’t really work well with being a horny slut in need and trust me, I know only too well.

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