Picture Request – An Apple in the Big Apple

A good friend, and the inspiration for a number of our Picture Requests, asked us to do something special to mark our visit to the Big Apple: me bound, with an apple in my mouth.  I had lots of possible scenarios for this in mind, but unfortunately we never got around to doing any of them while we were there, though we did have fun one night with me in a coat and boots and not much else, outside at a local park, playing with an apple and flashing passers-by.

Realizing, just as I was about to do it, that there was someone there, walking his dog.

Pretending innocence. "Why no, Mr. Dogwalker, you didn't just see me about to flash you in a public park! Why?"

Do I look like the kind of girl that would do that??

Flirting with the idea...

Ok, I admit it--I AM "that kind of girl"!

(Hmm, does this count for one of Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt places? I’ll have to go over there and check… Oh rats. Park & Sculpture…been there done that! It looks like I missed several other opportunities while on that trip as well, on the Manhatten Bridge, on the ferry, in a pub, on a subway, in a train station…. Whatever did I do while I was in New York??) 😉
Here’s one last picture. It doesn’t really count for the request, since it’s not in New York, but the apple is near my mouth, and I am tied up…maybe my friend will forgive us. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Picture Request – An Apple in the Big Apple

  1. Aww thank you. Such a lovely photo. I thought a red apple would look good.
    Maybe someday you’ll do a pic with it in your mouth.
    But as it is, it’s lovely thank you. No apologies necessary for that.
    Now, the non-consensual playing of “12 Days of Christmas” in my head each day I get notified of a new posting….that DOES require an apology, and punishment. 🙂

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