Sinful Sunday – W’s Choice: Satiation

Sinful Sunday is ALL about the image. A time and a place to share those sexy/erotic pictures that you have taken.

My Sinful Sunday this week was picked by W. It looks like a lovely way to spend a Sinful Sunday, if you ask me.

Click thru for one reason I have that blissed look.

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Sinful Sunday

8 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – W’s Choice: Satiation

  1. Christ the look on your face in the click through is electric. You often post pictures that remind me of myself, not cause we look in anyway alike but because I think our submissive brains have much in common and so I see myself in your eyes…. I hope that makes sense.

    1. Thanks so much! I love looking at the pictures W chooses…gives me insight into him and what turns him on, and also into how he views *me*, which is a turn-on all in itself.

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