Lists Make Life Manageable. Sort of.

I need to get organized.
I’m a list girl, and right now I am trying to manage the myriad and multiple tangents of my life without one. In fact, I need several lists.
No, not one of the lists W is making me do. At the moment he has me working on three different lists:

  1. Boys Jade Has Fucked
  2. The Shoe Slut List (Shoes I’ve Been Bound or Fucked In)
  3. States I Have Had Sex In (or States I Still Need to Have Sex In)

(Anyone sensing a theme there?  Also, he, too, just likes lists.)
We’ve also been working on my Kinky Bucket List, but that’s more “doing” the list than creating it.  And in fact, I can mark off one item in that list. But I’ll tell you about that later. 😉
What I really need to do is get myself organized with writing. I have blog posts to do. I have short stories to write. I have an author interview to complete. I have flash fiction to write. I have two articles and an essay to complete for various websites.  I have a title and concept for a monthly column to come up with.
I also need to make a to-do list for this weekend, during which time I will be completely freaking alone (no Boys) for the first time in ages.  If I don’t make “to-do” and a “to-get-done” lists, I know myself well enough to know that I will simply curl up in bed and be sad and lonely the entire time.
I suck at being alone.
Also, I may as well make a list of all the nasty, dirty, perverted ways W fucked me up the other day, before my massage.  Yeah, it really does warrant its own list. That bad, bad man.
So I suck at being organized, but life is good.
And now, on to the lists!
List 1: Recent Successes –  3 short stories accepted

  1. “Vegas Lights” (voyeur erotica set in Vegas)
  2. “A Lesson Learned” (switchy spanking story)
  3. “An Incentive for Penny” (spanking story)

The last two are for print spanking anthologies and the first is for an audio, e-book and print anthology. Here’s  the audio blurb (my first!) that I did for that. (Hmm, I just realized this may be the first time most of you have heard my voice.  How…intriguing.) 😉
I’ll have more information on the book itself and where you can buy it soon.
I also got a spanking story (another first!) accepted by Rachel Kramer Bussel. She was the editor on Orgasmic, and submitting the story was a direct result of having finally met her in person in Las Vegas and talking to her about the anthology.  Actually, all three of the stories I got accepted were a direct result of connections I made at the Erotic Writers Conference in Vegas.  While the stories haven’t paid for the trip by any means, it’s heartening to know that I had such positive, tangible, results.
The last story I got accepted was also a spanking story edited by D. L. King. There wasn’t a real connection with the conference, except that I had met her there, so when I saw that she was seeking stories for this anthology, I didn’t mind trying to write it on short notice.  “Knowing” her made me feel more comfortable sending something to her in a genre (spanking) that I hadn’t written much in.  It turns out that she is also doing the print version of the Vegas book, which was a fact that I had overlooked, but was a nice surprise.  She’s been great to work with, and suggested edits to both stories that helped a lot.
As with most of my stories, the Vegas story was drawn directly from a real scene. No, it didn’t happen quite that way, but there was a handsome, shadowy man with a cigar making a woman disrobe in front of a bank of windows. (I’ll let you guess who that woman was.)  Was some other woman watching from the hotel across from us? We’ll never know.
The spanking story for Rachel was definitely a different type of story for me, and highly fictionalized, although the germ of it was in a real life event.  No, I haven’t gotten switchy (no desire to Top anyone!) but the headspace was a fun one to fool around with.
The other spanking story was another first for me: an absolute, complete piece of fiction, not based off any real incident in my life at all. Well…until the end, when W got out his cane and decided to act out the last scene, “just for research purposes.” But that was after the fact. 😉
List 2: More “Success” I am a finalist in the Riverfront Times nominations for St. Louis’ “Best Sex Blog”. The finalists:

  1. Momfia
  2. Pieces of Jade
  3. Sex + STL
  4. The Beautiful Kind
  5. The Life and Charlotte Times

The winner will be announced Tuesday at an awards party (for which I haven’t received my invite yet, although I’ve been told I should be getting one.) This nomination is a mixed blessing. I’m terribly honored, and yes, I love my stuff to be read, but I am not sure I want it read/stumbled upon by my coworkers. Since it’s an online article and the nomination is buried pretty deep in the article, there’s probably not too much to worry about, but still.  You never know.  Thankfully I don’t have a chance in hell to actually win, so I won’t have to worry about being in the print version of the RFT when they announce the winners.  That’s also made me a little gunshy about going to the awards party, though. I am sure there will be pictures of it posted…do I really want to take that chance? (Another blog post to add to my list, I suppose.)
Anyway–congrats to all the nomination finalists! I couldn’t be in a finer group of sexy people!
List 3: Upcoming Writing Deadlines

  1. Tricks for Kicks – sex with rewards, money or other benefits
    Deadline: Feb 5, 2012
  2. Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories
    Deadline: March 1, 2012
  3. Show Me -Sex in St. Louis Anthology
    Deadline: April 1, 2012
  4. Mammoth Book of Erotic Quickies
    Deadline: April 15th, 2012
  5. Best Bondage Erotica 2013
    Deadline:  May 1, 2012
  6. For The Girls Flash Fiction
    No Deadline

List 4: Online Publications/Articles

  1. Eden Cafe – Dollification piece
  2. Domina’s website – unnamed column draft (TBD)
  3. Bedhead Grafitti (a new call for monthly essayists)
  4. Guest blog for the Voyeur promotional blog tour

List 5: Stuff to Do While the Boys are Gone

  1. Xcite author interview
  2. Shop (yoga/ice skating stuff, new shoes?)
  3. Crochet project for my boss
  4. Author bio for Domina
  5. Ice skating/bowling/movie with kids?
  6. Art Museum
  7. Taxes
  8. Writing
  9. Vlog?
  10. Put oil in my car
  11. Order lotion
  12. Clean bathroom
  13. Take the Boy driving
  14. Find new findings for my lock and chain
  15. Organize and make a list of all blog posts in my Drafts folder
  16. Work on W’s Lists

List 5.5: Things W Has Told Me To Do While He is Gone (you didn’t think he’d leave and not give me at least one or two tasks, did you?)

  1. Wear a buttplug (my choice) to work for at least 2 hours (is he aware that I can wear my Njoy for 6-8 hours at a time?)
  2. Use some other larger insertable (again, my choice of implements) in my ass at some point during the week
  3. Make serious headway on at least one of my writing projects
  4. Make headway on the new blog architecture

List 6: Blog Posts

  1. Swinging (part 2)
  2. Basement
  3. This past Monday
  4. Living “fearlessly” and the nomination
  5. 12 Kinky Days of Christmas Outtakes

So, really, I have more than enough to keep me busy, right?
Now I just need some boys to flirt with. 😉
Oh wait! I almost forgot. The list you all have been waiting for, I’m sure.
List 7: The Dirty, Nasty, Perverted Things W Did to Me Monday (blog post forthcoming)

  1. Tied me in a ball tie on his dirty floor
  2. Fisted me in said tie
  3. Bossed me around all day
  4. Strung me up by my wrists and whipped me
  5. Batted me about with the big meaty thumper-stick
  6. Fucked me on his kitchen floor
  7. Choked me
  8. Pissed on me
  9. Pissed in me
  10. Took me to dinner in a metal bra
  11. Force fed me alcohol
  12. Fucked me in the ass
  13. Tied my hands behind my back and made me fuck him cowgirl style
  14. Took lots of nasty pictures

I’m sure there was more…things got a little fuzzy after a while. 😉  But now…I’m off to get some work done, before I kick off the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Lists Make Life Manageable. Sort of.

  1. I think congratulations with list 7 item 9?
    If you really get bored, work on the reverse bucket list;
    everything you have done, start with #1 Kissed A Boy 🙂
    love the blog

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