Wanton Wednesday – Basement (Redux)

“I love the way he fucks me up. So totally strips me down to nothing, to a mewling mess on the floor, til I don’t care who or what I am, as long as he is there, as long as I am what he wants.  I love that feeling when I  break open, completely surrender, nothing left in me but what he puts there.” ~from Basement

The beginning
It started out as a stress tie.

That soon proved to be quite stressful.

And escalated when he added in a whipping. And other...degradations.

He allowed me to rest a moment.

But then decided he hadn't had enough.

Eventually - we both had.

When I first posted the piece that these pictures are from, I didn’t post the pictures with it. Sometimes, a scene is too much – too close, too emotion-laden – for me to feel comfortable posting pictures of it.

Also, sometimes, the pictures are just too damn raw for me to post, not knowing who would see them and what they would make of them.  Obviously, I’ve worked through that.

The piece can be read in its entirety here: Basement.

Feeling wanton? Join in or perv on those who have by clicking the link below.

Wanton Wednesday

9 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Basement (Redux)

  1. Jade… sometimes I come here and see myself in you.. those words you quoted above, they are me. Thank you for writing them for me. They took my breath away!

  2. That basement is such a stark place too… it adds to the ambience of the piece.
    I can understand your reticence about posting the pics, but glad you did 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

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