Sinful Sunday – Assisted Yoga

Sometimes, he likes to be helpful.
It was a beautiful Sunday morning, after a long, delicious weekend. I wanted to practice my yoga poses. He offered to “help.”

But of course he always has to make things a little challenging.

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Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Assisted Yoga

  1. I LOVE this idea sugar! I yoga every day ( or at least as ‘every day’ as I can manage) Maybe it’ll inspire Jay to attempt the same concept…lol MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Coming to ABQ any time soon?

  2. The first one in particular is gorgeous! Why didn’t I ever think of yoga and rope together? Beautiful pose, Jade, made more beautiful by W’s work.

    1. LOL…that was exactly WHY I thought of yoga when I knew I had to take a PE class. And every single time I go to class, as she is bending us and manipulating our bodies and having us pose, I am thinking…”hmmm…he could do this, and this and that…” And better yet is when I get home and show off all my new poses that I’ve learned…and I see his eyes light up that certain way. ~grin~

  3. Ah! It is so crazy that you decided on this as Master and I have also been working on a yoga binds, bondage binds photo series! Yours is so lovely! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

      1. I can’t wait to see the updated series; how zen! I’ve been formulating some thoughts for my blog about yoga being very good for a submissive’s patience. This is very beautiful, and my Master is quite impressed with the ropework! He wonders from where the chain is suspended…
        xoxo, Slut

  4. You look absolutely beautiful! (I could say it’s the rope, but that’s hardly flattering enough.) 😉
    There’s something wonderful about the look of a woman tied marionette-style.

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