So, seriously.

Taking a mental break (feeling like I’m gonna have a mental breakdown) and found the video to one of W’s (and my) favorite songs.  After watching the video, I love it even more.

PS – I used to have that exact set of sheets at the end of the video.
PPS – This post is about nothing other than the fact that…fuck. I’ve been her.
I really need to get fucked up.

5 thoughts on “So, seriously.

  1. No great words of wisdom or advice. Just enjoy, as best you can, the ride. We only do this thing called life once (or a good many folks think that!). Bee-bopping along, happy all the time could get pretty tedious! (I’ve never experienced that, but theoretically it seems pretty fucking boring!)

    1. Yeah, goes along with that saying, “You only appreciate the highs if you’ve experienced the lows.” I’ve personally never been a believer in that, but maybe there’s some kernal of truth to it.
      Meanwhile, yeah…I’m just gonna hang on for the ride. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Em! I actually feel like I’ve turned a corner today. I’m sure it has nothing to do with getting to spend a couple hours with W last night. And no, I didn’t get fucked up, in any sense of the word. 😉 But maybe that wasn’t what I’d needed anyway…sometimes loved-on works just as well, or better. 🙂

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