Friday Favorites – Week of March 25th

Yay, a new weekly meme! Well, I’m going to try to make it weekly, but ya’ll know how lame I am at keeping up with stuff, doncha?  Anyway…thought I’d showcase my favorite Wanton Wednesdays and Sinful Sundays here.  I do check out all the WW’s and SS’s, and I so love the creativity and passion that goes into them, but I seldom get time to comment on them…so…hey, this is my way of paying back. 🙂  Also, if I get time for reading again, I may feature interesting posts I’ve run across, either on my own or via e[lust].
Hope you enjoy!
Senseless, from Molly’s Daily Kiss Because this is what I want.
Josephine from Not So Vanilla Heels and locking cuffs. Need I say more?
Boobaloo I think I just said something similar to W last night…but I’m not mint, so I didn’t get what Boobaloo and I both asked for. (And yes, that’s an inside joke for W!)
Namaste Yoga! And Sex! ~pant pant~
Shameless – Rubyyy Jones Simply, amazingly erotic. Also, an interesting rumination on anonymity – and not – on the web.
And because I have said this EXACT same thing about my own butt: Stupid Butt, from Lusts of a Jezebel.

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