Blending a Life

It’s no secret that I liked to be sexualized & objectified. It’s what gets me off, and I’m lucky to have found a partner that gets off on it too, and another that doesn’t mind playing that way occasionally.  As you all know, I spend a lot of time doing, thinking and writing about it.
But lately I have had a lot of family-and-vanilla time, with the kids, Ad and with W, and…it’s been really nice.  I know, I’m as surprised as you are.  Sure, I’d like to live every day as W’s sex slave, chained to his bed or a whipping post, getting beaten and fucked and used by anyone he lets use me…
But not really. Really I like him as much as a man – as a partner and a lover and as my friend – as I like him as my Owner, my subjugator, the man who uses and victimizes me.  I like this mixture of kink and vanilla, of being a mother, daughter, girlfriend, lover and sex object.
These past couple weeks have been a perfect example of that.
The Friday before Ad left, I went out to the movies with the kids, while Ad went over to W’s to assist with moving some things. I was actually a little put-out about not getting to go hang with the guys while they did Guy Stuff, but I knew that the Missy wanted to go see The Hunger Games, and it turned out the Boychild did too. (I am finding it more and more ludicrous calling him the Boychild – he’s at least a head taller than me now. Sigh. My baby’s growing up.) I had read the series some time ago at the Miss’s request, because she really liked it and enjoys talking about books we have both read. I liked the first book but was less thrilled with the 2nd and 3rd, which was why I was a little less-than-enthusiastic about seeing the movie.  Also, I’ll admit to hating gory films – I think CSI, Bones, House and the like are too graphic – and I had read, just before we went to see it, that The Hunger Games was quite gory. “Put on your big-girl panties, and come see the movie,” my daughter said.  Ain’t she funny?  So away we went, me with my “big-girl panties” firmly in place.
And I was so glad to have done so. We had a great time, the movie was really good, and I thoroughly enjoyed an evening out with just me and the kids. I don’t get to do that often, actually. Afterward we had ice cream and dissected the movie, as well as explained the finer points of it and some discrepancies between the book and film to my son. I had such an enjoyable time that I had no desire to switch gears into slutty fuckmeat, and so opted to stay home rather than head over to W’s as I had originally planned, when I found out that Ad had already gone home anyway.
Several times the rest of the week I spent evenings either at home or taking the kids out while Ad was in Tennessee, and even when I went to W’s, although we talked about kinky stuff, we didn’t engage in much (if any) kink until Thursday night.
Sure, I was getting a little antsy by Thursday. I’m an at-least-once-a-week girl, and I start to get fractious if I don’t get my weekly play session. But I found that in spite of that, I could enjoy being just a normal woman in an ordinary life.  At least for brief periods. When I know that I’ll soon get to be an abnormal woman in an extraordinary life. 😉
Last night was another regular night at home, although the day started with some spectacular kinky sex between us three.  But the late afternoon, in spite of the fact that I spent it naked and in tit collars and heels, was way more “normal” than people would probably envision when Ad and I and W are together over at W’s house. Ad read a book on one couch, W worked on his laptop on the big floor pillow, and I worked on a story on the other couch. It was quiet and relaxing, with only occasional bouts of conversation – mostly between W and I about kink topics – but for the most part we spoke little, absorbed in our tasks.  Later that evening Ad and I went home together, did some grocery shopping and house-cleaning, and he and the Boy watched TV while I wrote a blog post.  Again, a perfect mix of kink and non-kink. (Ok, I admit that if we’d had time for a little scene to celebrate me finishing my story, it would have been more perfect, but I’m not look a gift horse in the mouth. It was good.)
Ad is in Kansas City until later this evening, so I have another night at home with the kids. I just texted my daughter to see if she wants to run when I get off work. After that I plan to buy my herb starters and get them planted in the pots on my patio, and maybe do a bit of weeding and spring cleaning of the patio and flower beds.  Maybe I’ll cut some “mojito leaves” (as W and I call my wildly-growing patch of mint) and make the Missy and I mojitos to sip on.  I don’t think I’m up for actually cooking, but I can run by and get something yummy for dinner from the grocery.  Later, I’ll take a bath and have a glass of wine, or curl up with my Kindle, or maybe plot out a new kinky story while wait for Ad to get home from KC.  And that will be my day.
Not a bad way to spend a life, all in all.
Well, as long as you add in that weekly beating. 😉


Edit: The Missy and I didn’t get to run because she had study cards to write for Anatomy & Physiology. So instead we decided to walk up to buy plants and dinner, which the Boy joined us for. On the way, we saw Ad on his way home, so he turned around, parked his car and walked up with us. What a lovely night! The weather was perfect, the discussion lively (a mixture of school stuff, quizzing the Miss on muscle attachments, insertions and actions, international politics and the morality of waging war, the Missy’s hilarious canoe trip on Sunday and the story of her best friend’s brother’s medical discharge from the Marines, which was heartbreaking.)
Unfortunately, even though we are having record high temps, the local hardware store that I usually get my herbs from doesn’t yet have them in stock, so we came home empty-handed.  And I forgot to get limes for mojitos, so the Miss and I had to make do with Crystal Light as we finished studying for her exam. Probably better for her recall today though anyway!

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