Wanton Wednesday – Bucket List

It was on my Kinky Bucket List, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.  Still, when it happened, I was surprised.  I was surprised because he was doing it, yes, but I was also surprised that he was doing it.  As in, when it was happening.
That’s right, I couldn’t tell.
He was in me. Fucking me on the kitchen floor (because, um, that’s where everyone has sex, right?) He stopped pumping into me for a few minutes and just held still, deep inside of me, while I squirmed beneath him.  That’s not that unusual.  He fucks me hard, then shoves deep into me and stops, holding still.  Usually making me squirm against him, trying (usually unsuccessfully) to get him to resume thrusting, but more often grinding myself against him until I come.  And then he starts all over again.  So end result, I didn’t find anything unusual in what he was doing.
Until he asked me if I knew what he was doing.
I lay there on the floor with him on top of me, in me, and me fairly well physically thrashed, and could not come up with any kind of answer.
Maybe I should mention that the day had already been incredibly full of things made me go hmm.  And had the end result of making my brain stop.
It had started out that morning with a scene that failed as a Picture Request, but that totally rocked as a shoving-large-dildoes-into-Jade’s-cunt-and-then-fisting-her-while-she-writhes-on-the-floor-with-legs-tied-open-unable-help-herself scene.  And after that there was the whip-Jade-until-she-begs-to-let-her-go-back-to-work scene, because I’d been, oh, somewhat distracted and not concentrating on said work.  And it ended with this shove-Jade-down-on-the-kitchen-floor-and-fuck-her scene — that suddenly turned into something else.  I’d ended up being shoved down on the kitchen floor and fucked silly because when he’d asked me where I wanted to be fucked during a break I had just stared at him blankly, unable to complete a thought, much less a sentence.  My mind was still in that blank space when he told me what he was doing.
“I’m pissing in you, Jade,” he’d said.
But it wasn’t until later, when I sat up and felt his urine, pouring out of my body, that I really got what he had done.  He’d urinated inside me.
And then he pissed on me.
Here’s the weird part: just as it always does, it was that part that got to me.
Some pictures from the day:




Kitchen floor.

Pissed on.

Cleaning up.

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Wanton Wednesday

15 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Bucket List

  1. I guess him being deep inside you wouldn’t feel it, there might have been more of a sensation if he was right at the entrance. Weird, eh?
    Great set of wanton pictures from your day!!
    ~Kazi xxx

    1. Yeah…funny thing is, the *thought* of it still turns me ON…I masturbated to it last night and this morning…I still find it incredibly hot, that he would even DO such a dirty thing. So it’s definitely a “head” thing, not so much the actual sensation thing.
      I don’t know if he’ll ever do it again, or let anyone else (it was very much *my* fantasy, I think – tho I could be wrong, and maybe he got off on it too, I don’t remember even asking how he felt about it, lol) but the idea STILL turns me on, even as it makes me cringe a little even thinking about it.

  2. I am not complaining as I adore reading this blog, but didn’t this get scratched off the list a few weeks ago?
    I am looking forward to #15, Ad & W?

    1. Yes, it happened some time ago, but I never had time to do a proper write up of it (or the rest of the day.) My posts are not always sequentially day-by-day. 😉

  3. I have had someone do this to me… on a number of occasions. It was one of the few things that really did very little for me apart from the fact that it turned him on which of course made it a turn on for me but there was something about it inside me that I wasn’t keen on… however being pissed on… now that is a different matter altogether.

    1. ~nodding~ I think the idea of having his piss *inside* me is just so wrong is why it’s such a turn-on (mentally) even tho the sensation really isn’t much. A friend told me about getting pissed in in her ass–by more than one person. A piss enema? She said that definitely *did* have a lot of sensation. I can imagine the head-trip (feeling as I do about enemas in the first place) even if it was from an actual enema bag…ewww, my skin is crawling with just the thought!
      Oh shit, now I may have to add something else to my Bucket List. On second thought, NO, it’s NOT going on there. lol

  4. It looks like he didn’t get any piss in your hair. For some reason, maybe because I resent anything that makes me wash my hair Right Now, that would bother me a whole lot more than piss on my skin or clothes. And, at least it was his floor, not yours.
    Some time back, I’d told Hubby that he should surprise me sometime by pissing on me while we shared a shower. Much later, he did and my instinctive reaction was not “MMmmmm,” but “EEWWWWwwwwww,” jumping and squirming to avoid it, totally grossed out. So much for surprise fantasy fulfillment.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the memory of your bucket list item, even if the moment wasn’t overwhelming.

    1. You can’t really tell, but yes, he did get it in my hair. (He always does, probably b/c he knows how much I dislike it.) I am not sure why it bothers me so much, but having piss in my hair seems so much worse than anywhere else (well, except my face, that too, bothers me)…but having my hair cling to my shoulders and face, wet and smelly…completely humiliating all out of proportion to the reality of it. lol

    1. Funny how it’s the HAIR that pisses us off, isn’t it? Actually, it makes me feel small and humiliated (in that good way)…punches the pissed-off-ness right out of me.

  5. The position you’re in for the Waiting photo? Really hot – and your expression conveys that, too.
    (This is me ignoring all the internal urination conversation. La la la la la!)
    xx Dee

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