Friday Favorites – Week of April 6

Once again, another round-up of my favorite Wanton Wednesdays and Sinful Sundays.
Penny’s Open Window – because it’s just a flat-out sexy pose (and you all know how much I love windows!)
These two because they made me giggle (and both also happen to involve almost getting caught with their “pants down” – and in  Dee’s case, her shirt undone!) Curvaceous Dee’s Cervix View and Hubman’s Close Call.
Suspenders – I am a HUGE fan of garters, and these are way sexy (ok, it might be the beautiful bum and legs they showcase, but still…)
Little Girl Lost – I love this picture.  It is just incredibly sensuous. I can almost feel her softness & desire it in.
And lastly, because I enjoy his art so much & I hope his entry is chosen: Red Region Inferno’s entry to the Seattle Erotic Art Show
Hope you enjoyed the round-up, and please do go around to the rest to find your own favorites!

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