Friday Favorites – Week of April 15

This week I am featuring writing from e[lust] #35.  The judges have their favorites, and I have mine. 😉  Check out the rest of the edition if you want to read more.
Malflic’s Sexual Bucket List – He’s on my Twitter, and we tweet back and forth occasionally, and a while back, when I was tweeting about my own Kinky Bucket List, he commented on it. I never realized that he had posted his own (which he characterized, if I remember correctly, as comparatively tame.) It’s not. There are some things on here that I want to add to my own.
W said one time that in some ways we skipped over the “normal” hot things that people tend to do and fantasize about, and my list is certainly testimony to that. The things on my list–I admit, they are out there, and perhaps not even all in the “actually-doable” range. And I’m okay with that; this is my fantasy list after all. But his list reminds me that there is heat to be found in many places, and in sometimes the simplest of desires (having a sub cut her own switch – damn, how did I forget that little fantasy?) Go, peruse, make your own list if you haven’t done so.
Come Together – Ever since my first Dom made me go into the bathroom at work and make myself come, then return to the computer to tell him about it, I’ve been a big fan of getting naughty at work.  And this story is a wonderfully taut little tale of workplace high-jinks.
Good Bad Sex / Sex Talk – The post featured in e[lust] is Good Bad Sex, but after reading it, I just had to page back and read more of her story, eventually ending up on Sex Talk. She writes sparingly, and yet with such deep honesty about her life that it is hard not to be drawn into the story of her marriage and relationships. Both pieces are tender, touching accounts of the delicate – and sometimes precarious – balance of honesty in communication with our significant others.
Buttons – Just wow. Loved this story. Erotic and restrained at the same time, I hung on every word.
Fucked Raw – This was a Wanton Wednesday, but, as hot as the photo is, it is for her words that I favorited this one. Raw lust, the indefinable line between pleasure & pain, surrender. It’s all there. Rowr.
Make Me – Short but hot rather than sweet. With my upcoming adventures-in-the-woods, how could I not love this?

One thought on “Friday Favorites – Week of April 15

  1. Thank you very much Jade for featuring my ‘Fucked Raw’ post. I have to admit that is one of my favourite ones of resent times and also a precursor to some others I have planned around the period sex topic.

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