Friday Favorites – Week of April 22

My favorites from this past week’s Wanton Wednesday & Sinful Sunday and one from this month’s edition of e[lust].
First up:  Peek a Boo: Because I like little red dresses. Oh, and hints of rope and the hand holding it.
Because don’t we all have one? The Hottest Girl I Never Fucked.
Because apparently I need to stop thinking about the music I am listening to when I run and start daydreaming: Why I Run.
Of course I’d pick nakedness and horseback riding: Perverting the Pommel.
And one last one from one of my fave blogs, Pandora Blake’s Spanking Blog.  Not sure how I missed this one in my first read-thru of e[lust], especially as I so  empathize with her conflict over stress, tress-relief, needs & wants and asking for it: Nice vs Good.  Also, spanking!!!
There were so many to choose from this time.  Please go see the rest: There were twenty-four Wanton Wednesday players,  twenty-four Sinful Sunday sinners, and forty-five lustful writings in e[lust] #35!

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