DP a Different Way


As I may have mentioned a time or twelve, waking up naked between my two Guys is at the Very Top of my list of Very Favorite Things – though going out to breakfast in tit collars under a thin blouse, just after having had hot three-way sex, with Ad’s semen still in my cunt, and my ass still tender from W’s less-than-gentle ministrations – that comes in a close second.
On this morning, Ad woke me early, as is his wont, and pulled me over to him to “assist” him in a handjob, which quickly became a blowjob when he pushed my head down between his legs (“just can’t resist that magic mouth,” he says.) I obliged, but I didn’t just want him to come in my mouth, I wanted to feel him fill my pussy.  I knew that I would be having my little surgical procedure soon, and that because of that I wouldn’t be getting laid for awhile, so before he could get too excited, I pulled my mouth away and slid up his body until I was straddling him.
I don’t often initiate sex this way. It puts me in control too much (though W has been known to strip me of my control even in that position.) But this time…I just wanted to slide him in and out of me at my own pace. I wanted to feel his body rubbing between my legs at my speed and pressure. I wanted to go slow, without feeling like I had to follow his rhythm: it would be my own.
And it was. I moved slowly and deliberately, allowing myself only an inch or so of him at a time, feeling the slide of his skin against mine, that delicious opening of myself around his hard length, my own juices making him slip against my rings with ease until he was lodged fully inside me and I could feel his body heat against my clit.
Then back up again, just as slow. Over and over, never letting him dictate the pace, reveling in pure sensation without the impetus to “get anywhere.” Just experiencing.  Eventually though, it was even too slow and leisurely for me. Unable to help myself, I began thrusting myself up and down on him faster, more purposefully, grinding against him with greater speed, ferocity and excitement.
But still, at my pace.  I wasn’t even thinking about his pleasure, or whether or not he would come, although it had been for his pleasure that he had initiated it.  Nonetheless, as my excitement grew, so did his, and just as I felt that first aching tingle, felt that tightness in my belly and between my legs that heralded an orgasm, I registered his excitement in his tense muscles, in his panting, tortured breath, in his hands clutched tight around my upper arms as he drove me up and down on top of him.  As my orgasm exploded and spread through me, I felt his explode in me too; felt his cock twitching and pumping inside me; felt him shudder and heave beneath me.
I collapsed on top of him and we snuggled like that for a moment as our breathing returned to normal.  A few minutes later I rolled back into the the still-warm spot between their bodies, ready to settle back in to sleep.
And felt W’s hand on my arm, and then my throat; just that. I caught my breath. I had thought he’d still slept.  His cock, suddenly hard and insistent against my hip, told me otherwise.
He pushed me over onto my belly and held me down with one hand as he positioned himself behind me.  A moment later I felt his cock at the lips of my cunt, nudging against my rings, wet and dripping with Ad’s semen. That image alone aroused me again and I thrust my hips up and opened my thighs as much as possible to give him access.  I still have this fantasy of more than one man’s come in my pussy, and the fantasy is enough to fuel many masturbation sessions – but I want it for real.  Still, just feeling him slide his cock into my cunt, so wet and open, sloppy with my own juice and Ad’s, is enough, even if the end result never happens.
He obliged me momentarily, sliding in and out of my slippery cunt, that greedy, gaping hole, but the third time he pulled out he changed direction infinitesimally and instead pushed back against my tight, puckered ass hole.
I gasped, and squirmed, and resisted.
He grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted it painfully, then bore down on me, forcing his way into my body.
My resistance was minimal: his cock was wet from Ad and I anyway, and I was fully aroused. Soon I opened myself up to him as best I could, with the limited amount of movement he was allowing me, and he pushed into me deeply.  I imagined him coming in me there, too, being filled with their seed in both ass and cunt, and was soon panting and squirming, rising to another panting orgasm.
He didn’t come though, instead slowing and pulling out to lay beside me, his cock, still stiff and wet, nestled between the cheeks of my ass.
I lay still between them a moment.  At some point in the proceedings Ad’s hand had taken possession of my forearm, and he still held it.  W’s hand lay across my neck, no longer controlling me, but just there…letting me know he was still there.  I should have been done,  should have settled back into an orgasmically-induced blissful sleep…but I wanted more.  Suddenly, I wasn’t finished with him – and, like with Ad, I wanted it my way. I squirmed again, but this time trying not to get away, but to take him inside again. For once, W lay there passively, allowing me to use his cock like a toy, to insert him into my body.
He slipped easily back into my ass, and I sighed as I began to move against him, rocking slowly, as I had with Ad only moments before. For awhile it seemed that both men would simply let me be, but, well, that is not their nature.  Or at least not W’s, and Ad often takes his cues from W when we play sexually.  W’s arm came around me, locking me tight against him, before he reached down and spread my legs with the other hand, holding me open forcefully.  Ad took his cue and started playing with my pussy, stroking my lips, rings and clit.
Another element of my (overactive?) fantasy-mind: Having my body – not just my cunt or ass – pawed and mauled and pressed and touched and pushed and prodded by many male hands. Big hands, hard hands, pinching and pulling and smoothing and demanding hands, all over my body.  This does not happen as often as you might think, for a woman that sleeps fairly frequently with two men at once. A hand on a throat or covering my mouth, sometimes holding and arm or a leg, but never that sort of pawing all-over thing.
This was close.  And I arched up to meet Ad’s hand, pushing against W’s hand, begging with my body for more, even as I continued to stroke W’s cock in and out of my ass.
Ad apparently took my movement as wanting his hand in my cunt, however, and switched from stroking and kneading, to pushing first one finger, and then two, and finally three fingers inside of me.
And of course that changed the entire game.
The “conventional” double penetration is, of course, a cock in the ass and a cock in the cunt. But there are so many, many ways to be doubly penetrated. This way, and this too…and now this.  W’s cock in my ass and Ad’s hand in my cunt. It was no longer my game, no longer my way.  I was once again a toy being played between them
I came, bucking against them both, shaking and shaken.
Later, snuggling back down between them, I said, “My butt hurts.”
“Music to my ears,” W said.

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