Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act – Erotica (for Erotic Meet – Rabbit in the Headlights)
Sara settled herself in her chair, ready for another interminable meeting with the heads of her organization’s departments. At least this one had two things going for it: 1. it was a video conference, so she would be able to watch it from home, wearing her favorite silk nightie and no make-up; and 2. her boss was giving the bulk of the presentation, which meant she didn’t have to pay too close attention. As his executive assistant she would have to take good notes when the other department heads gave their presentations, but she had prepared her boss’ herself, so there was no need to take notes while he was speaking.
She leaned forward and logged into the video conferencing software. They’d only started using the program recently, and she was still unfamiliar with it, so when the window opened to a view not only of her boss’ home office, but also, in the lower right hand corner, to a view of herself, she was surprised but not alarmed. Her boyfriend Lance had used it the other day to chat with a friend of his, so perhaps he had made it so that he could see himself at the same time.
Shrugging, she amused herself while she waited for her boss to start the meeting, making faces in the little window.  Thank goodness this thing is on mute, she thought, as she burst into a fit of giggles.
A moment later her boss came into view, and, going to the dry erase board at the front of his office, started the meeting.
Fifteen minutes later Sara was yawning and fidgeting in her seat. Maybe being there in person would be better. At least she’d be forced to pay attention.  She glanced down at her notes. He still had fifteen more minutes…  She saw the computer image of herself grimace.
An idea suddenly came to her.  A bad idea, certainly, but…it would make an amusing story for Lance, she thought. And give her a diversion while she waited for the others to give their presentations.
Watching herself in the little window, Sara slid her chair back until she could view her entire body.  She admired the red nightgown she was wearing, and ran her hands over the smooth silk, watching as her hands did the same in the computer.  Fascinated, she watched herself cup her breasts through the material.  Her breath caught on a sigh as she pinched her own nipples, and saw them grow into hard points beneath her nightie on the screen.  Eyes riveted to her own image, she slid her hands down her sides to where the nightgown just brushed her thighs.
She loved to touch herself through the silky material, and did so often when Lance wasn’t around to do it for her – and sometimes even when he was. Was she brave enough to do it now? While her boss was going over the sales figures for the past quarter? She glanced at the mute button on the video conference software. It was definitely on, so even if she made noise…
Her hand slid down over her pubic mound and down, between her legs, which were now spread wide on the chair. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips as she began stroking herself through the cloth. It felt heavenly, the silk slippery and cool, sliding sensuously between her fingers and pussy.  She stroked her lips for a while, teasing herself, holding herself back from stroking the place she wanted to most, but soon she couldn’t resist any longer, and she allowed her fingers to dance, ever so lightly, over her clit.
She bit her lip to silence a moan, and was amused to see her image do the same: she knew she did it frequently, unconsciously, but she’d never seen herself do it before.  She rubbed the cloth harder over her clit, watching herself the entire time. It was like watching someone else masturbate, and while she had never been attracted to women before, this, well, this was hot.  She tipped her hips forward and put her feet up on the edge of the table, spreading her legs wider, giving herself better access.  The cloth beneath her fingers was no longer cool, but hot now, warmed by her body heat and moist from her excitement.  She pushed her fingers at the opening of her cunt, pushing the material just inside as she did so, loving the idea of being stuffed with silk.  Her other hand reached up and squeezed one nipple through her top as her fingers rubbed furiously against her clit.
And all the while she watched her own hands, her own face, in the computer window.
And then, suddenly, she was there, teetering on the edge of the orgasm.  Her hips bucked up against her hand, her fingers twisted her nipple painfully, and her teeth bit down on her lip as she strained upward into it before finally, finally, she crested, the orgasm rolling over her.
She sat completely still for a moment, breathing hard, her body still throbbing with pleasure.  As she came back down to earth she was disappointed to realize that she’d clenched her eyes shut in the throes of her orgasm and had missed seeing what she looked like when she came.  Next time, she thought, already excited by the thought.
Suddenly aware again of her surroundings, she glanced over at the computer to see her boss just finishing up his presentation.  Shakily, she pushed herself forward and found her pen and paper, getting ready to take notes.  Just as the video clicked off in his office, and clicked over to the head of marketing for her presentation, her phone rang.
Absently she picked up the phone, smelling her own arousal on her fingertips as she lifted the receiver to her face.
“Sara Clark,” she said automatically.
“Sara, this is Mike,” her boss’ voice said.
“Hey Mike. Um, good presentation,” she said, hoping he wasn’t going to ask her for any specifics.
“Thanks,” he said. “I could say the same to you.”
She frowned, puzzled. “Excuse me?”
“Next time you don’t feel like paying attention to the meeting, you should probably turn off your webcam,” he said.
I don’t usually enter writing contests, but well, this one is for a rabbit vibrator!  I have been wanting one for awhile (and have just been too lazy to actually do the research to get one.) So what better way to get one than to win a writing contest!  Of course, I have to win it first…and that takes votes. So, um, when voting opens on May 1st, if you’ve enjoyed the story, will you vote for me?
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8 thoughts on “Caught in the Act

  1. I voted first, then read the others. Geez, are the other contestants even over 21? Or does ‘getting caught’ still equal ‘parents’ in most people’s eyes? I appreciate your more-familiar-to-me setting of work and fear of a boss. Perhaps becoming a parent (esp of teenagers) changes how one thinks about getting ‘caught in the act.’

    1. Oi! Haha, did you see mine? I got caught by God and humanity… Sure you’d enjoy Molly’s too -x-
      (though agree this is clearly hot & a pleasure to relate too – especially from the boss’s seat!)

      1. ~grin~ I agree, Annie…haven’t got to yours yet, but Molly’s is HOT! (Gonna take a gander at the rest when I get a break at work. Because, you know, I don’t wanna get “caught” reading smut at work! lol)

  2. OMG! Totally awesome, will have this at the forefront of my mind next time I lift the receiver for the most boring conference call! Luckily I dont have a webcam….

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