Friday Favorites – Week of April 30

Each week (ish) I feature my favorite writings & photos from around the net, e[lust], Wanton Wednesday & Sinful Sunday.
A Slut’s Memoir: Hair  – Because I love a redhead – and this pose is just beautiful.
Lady Laid Bare: Red Mary Janes – Love the smile, and I’m a sucker for a pair of red Mary Janes!
Yossarian Lives: Bathtime – Love the pic, but more than that, just loved snooping thru his blog. (He’s fun!)
More Than Two: Poly Without Rules – Wow, ran across this accidentally, and felt like I was reading the Jade manifesto re: rules in poly relationship. Any relationship, really. “With rules, I am assuming control over you. I am telling you what you must do or setting out what you are forbidden to do. With boundaries, I outline the way your choices affect me, without presuming to make those choices for you, and let you make your choice accordingly.”  LOVE this. Read it.
Sex Musing Husband: You Can Leave Your Hat On – Adorable! And such a beautiful setting (I’m hankering for an exotic locale…)
Rebel Notes: The First – Because it’s her first Scavenger Hunt – and what a splendid one it is!
Sexy Masquerade: Lying in Bed Naked – Umm…just because. Go look. You’ll see why. 🙂
Mija’s Sound Sunday Thrashing – A spanking, a belting, a caning and a ritual. What more could I ask for?  Oh, there is more: it’s from both sides of the D/s coin… Yumm!

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