And now for something totally different! Fun! The Alphabet Challenge – C is for…

So, aside from last night’s angst (and now the fall-out from that) I’ve been feeling pretty good in other ways. With W, with Ad, with the kids and life and yoga and school and managing my bills and my work commitments. My health is getting better and I have lots of fun coming up.  I got another story accepted recently, am waiting to hear about another recently submitted, and have a story in a soon-to-be-released anthology.
So yeah, sucky emotional vomit aside, things have been good.
(I hope I haven’t destroyed that, or the progress I felt that both W and I were making. But that’s for another blog post I suppose – I said this was going to be different, didn’t I?)
So…for your viewing pleasure, another episode in the Alphabet Challenge!
C is for…

…the CAVE at Cliff Cave Park.

…a CLOSEUP in the CAVE at Cliff Cave Park.

…the CREEK coming out of the CAVE at Cliff Cave Park.

And me with my pants down in the CREEK at Cliff Cave Park. I was going to say showing my CUNT in the CREEK that comes from the CAVE at Cliff Cave Park, but that’s not precisely true. Close tho!

And finally, me enjoying a COFFEE at my favorite CAFE: Shameless Grounds. Woohoo for public places where a girl can get some rope on her and not get arrested!

To see the rest of the Alphabet, check out the Alphabet Challenge page.

One thought on “And now for something totally different! Fun! The Alphabet Challenge – C is for…

  1. Next time get naked….. That would be so cool…… And you know what, your emotional stuff is ok and natural.. We all go through some kind of it… At least your honest about it and dealing with it..

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