Picture Request – Elbows & Knees

Some time ago, a Picture Request came in for a special bit of bondage – and a special activity once I was bound and in place. I wasn’t made aware of the full scope of the request until they’d got me all tied up, though.  Which, in itself, was hot (having it sprung on me.) And the request itself? A definite trigger of mine…
It started out like this.
The plan was to do the request with Ad and W and then go out to dinner afterward, without allowing me to change into anything more appropriate before we went to dinner (not part of the request, that was their own fun thrown in.) I was to remain dressed just as I was for the request, in a short black skirt, black stockings and red heels, with a sexy red top to match – which outfit was part of the request.  W cocked an eyebrow when I came down the stairs in my outfit. I think he was pleased, and maybe even more so to know that he and Ad were going to be taking me out in public like that soon.
We had a drink, and then W directed Ad to tie me in the position requested.

There’s something naughty about black stockings and red heels…and rope around a girl’s ankles.

He’s oh-so-serious.

He took the opportunity to do some of his favorite things…such as spanking my pussy.

And grabbing and squeezing various body parts.

And spanking my ass.

But after he messed with me awhile, it was back to the serious stuff! We had a Picture Request to fulfill, after all.
The tie was a pretty one, with me on elbows and knees and my feet and hands bound so that I couldn’t put them on the floor.

Then they told me what they were going to do to me. Each of them, one after the other, were going fuck my ass, until it was a wet, gaping hole.  Then they were going to plug me up with my Njoy and we were going out to dinner.
You’re going to do what?

Ad allowed me to get him wet first.

Then he pushed me down and told me to present myself to him and the camera.

They took some seriously raunchy photos, with Ad pulling my ass open for the camera, but I can’t bring myself to post them here. I imagine that W will post them to BondageDemons soon, though, and will update you if he does, for you pervs that really wanna see that stuff.
Then the real fun began…
Ad got to take a shot at me first…

Even with spit-lube, he wasn’t gentle.

Then it was W’s turn. He’s NEVER gentle.

“Look at the camera, slut!”

The Request actually asked for a more graphic picture of the “results” of their administrations, but as I said, I won’t post it here. There might be a click-thru on how the Guys plugged me up to take me to dinner, though. (And just cuz I luvs ya’ll, you might find some other click-thrus here and there of a little more graphic nature as well.) 😉
End Picture Request, right?
Well…not quite. There’s more. (There’s always more, isn’t there?)
Here’s a little about my triggers…  Of course ass-fucking is one, and both my men using my ass? Super hot!  But also, even more so is cum in my ass (or my cunt.) Multiple men’s semen dripping from me, one cock after the other pushing into me, into the other man’s semen, sliding in and refilling me…
Fuck.  Unbelievably hot.
I didn’t even know that was a trigger until…I don’t know…one time W whispered it my ear. But ever since, there it has lived, an abiding image that fuels my fantasies.  Unfortunately, because barebacking with multiple men is not usually an acceptable past-time, it’s one that may have to remain just a fantasy (except with W and Ad.) Though, who knows…? There may be a way to accomplish it safely.
Anyway, that didn’t quite happen in this scenario – I only got one of them, but later, the next morning as a matter of fact, I got them both in my cunt. That was good enough. 😉
(Did I just say “good enough”?? Jesus I’m getting  jaded.  That was freakin’ hot as well, having W holding me down while Ad fucked me, eventually shooting his load inside me; then W rolling right over on top of me and sliding into my wet, cum-filled hole while Ad pinned my thighs open, and eventually unloading into me as well. That was the morning we went to breakfast, and I refused to take a shower before we did…wanting to feel their slime inside me, coating my thighs; knowing no one else knew what we’d just done. “Good enough” my ass!)
A secondary trigger (that I allude to up there and that surprised me) was them making me go to dinner that night with the plug in my ass. It wasn’t just having the plug in tho: it was that it was stuffed into me, holding the semen inside me. All night I envisioned their slime leaking from me, around the plug. All night I felt that wetness in my ass, and it made a corresponding wetness in my cunt.
All in all, I’d have to say that this particular Picture Request was quite a success.
If you have some exquisite bit of torment you’d like to see W visit upon my oh-so-delicate-and-innocent body, or some bit of punishment you think I really really deserve, or simply have an image in your mind that you’d like for him to capture for you in photographs, click here to go to the Picture Request Form, or click here to read more about what this whole “Picture Request” thing is about.

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