Wanton Wednesday – One Last Wanton Hurrah!

I can’t believe it’s coming to and end…but then again, who knows? As Lilly pointed out, the domain will remain, so maybe at some point in the future she will decide to bring it back. Here’s hoping!

Playing in the fountain at a friend’s house last weekend. The guys kept making the water jump – making me jump!

Edit: I just read Rebel’s post about starting up a new Wednesday meme that she has dubbed Wicked Wednesday.  It combines a writing prompt – ala the now-defunct Wank Wednesday – with sexy photo submissions. I’ve always like the idea of a writing prompt, though I seldom have the time to do them, so maybe this will give me the opportunity to do a picture and/or a piece of short writing, whichever I have time for. 
Head over to the Wanton Wednesday blog to check out all the rest who decided to play one last time…
Wanton Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – One Last Wanton Hurrah!

  1. It’s been so lovely having you, thank you for playing with us most weeks!
    I can see why they’d be making you jump – I must admit I’d get a kick out of being the instigator as well 😉

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