Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #1

As I mentioned in this post, for the next few days I’ll be posting the results of a special, multi-part Picture Request.
The “6×6 Matrix” refers to a game that one of my readers set up.  The rules of the game were:

1. 6 orgasms in one day
2. 6 different hours of the day
3. 6 different locations
4. 6 different positions
5. 6 different masturbation toys
6. 6 different kink accessories
All 6 events have to take place on one single day. Every set will consist of 6 items, one of each line (1-6). Jade can freely choose all items and how she would like to combine them. Every item can only be used once. Multiple orgasms will count as one. Locations have to be more than ½ mile apart from each other. For the position Jade can choose between, lying, standing, sitting, kneeling, etc. Masturbation toys can be a finger, a dildo, a shower head, etc. Kink accessories can be clamps, gags, handcuffs, butt plugs, etc. Jade should wear high heels on each event. Jade should take pictures of each event.

We decided that an ideal way to start out our trip to Memphis would be to have me attempt to fulfill the 6×6 Matrix Request on the way there. However, since I was with two Tops, they decided to change up some of the rules to suit themselves, as well as to be able to complete the requirements within the confines that the car trip imposed on us.
Basically, although they allowed me to choose which toy to use each time, they decided which ones I would be able to choose from.  The “positions” requirement was eased somewhat, due to the narrow confines of the car, but we were able to switch it up occasionally, and I was allowed to use an additional “masturbation toy” where necessary, in addition to the “required” different one.
This was a great way to start off a weekend full of play and fun, which I’ve hinted at here and here, and will be writing more about soon.  However, now, it’s time for the 6×6 Matrix!

Orgasm #1

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #1
2. 6 different hours of the day – 12:50 PM
3. 6 different locations – Home
4. 6 different positions – On back, legs held up by Ad
5. 6 different masturbation toys – Baldy (my Hitachi)
6. 6 different kink accessories – A speculum
This first orgasm was pretty easy, even in the odd position (on the floor with legs held up over my head.) But I had enough mental triggers going (having my legs held, having my cunt and ass exposed, and then having first my cunt and then my ass forced open by the speculum) that the orgasm itself was fairly quick.

The position…

The toys…

The orgasm.

Could there be any better way to start a kinky trip?

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