Picture Request – 6×6 Matrix: Orgasm #3

Six orgasms in six hours. Here’s how #3 went down. (Start at the beginning and see what this is all about here.)

Orgasm #3

1. 6 orgasms in one day – #3
2. 6 different hours of the day – 4:15 PM
3. 6 different locations – Hwy 55, somewhere north of Memphis
4. 6 different positions – In the back seat of the car, on hands and knees
5. 6 different masturbation toys – My pink bumpy dildo
6. 6 different kink accessories – Harness ball-gag
For Number Three, W chose my least favorite gag, his Harness Ball Gag. I will admit that the reason I dislike it so much is pure vanity: it messes my hair up intolerably, and I hate the face straps.  But, like the nosehook, I suppose, it isn’t about looking “sexy.”  So, if the goal is to evoke that little bit of humiliation that goes along with feeling like I look silly, well, it works. LOL

The gag.

It had the added bonus if being an very obvious kink toy for any potential observers driving by.
And there were many “potential observers.”
The view out the back window.

As a fun bit of juxtaposition, I chose to use my pink bumpy dildo.  It made a good foil for the industrial bondage headgear.
It’s so pretty!

And I changed shoes to my zebras. I kinda liked the zebra stripe shoes with my black and white striped socks.
I don’t think they clash, do you?

Then it was down to business.
Working it in.

Getting situated…

“Push it all the way in,” W said.

Working it…

Ahhhh…. #3!

Can I have this stupid gag out now???

Stayed tuned for #4…

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