Post-Twisted Tryst: I’m Back!

We’re back from Tryst!  I’ve sat here at my laptop several times since we got back Sunday night, meaning to update ya’ll on our trip, but I’ve been fuzzy since we got back, and sooo unable to concentrate, so I’ve kept myself to making lists: what I did, what I felt, where we went, what happened then, what I’m  going to do or might do or need to do, because though we just got back from Tryst, Fusion is right around the corner.
But not “right around the corner” enough. Seriously. I wish we were leaving tomorrow.
Ok, maybe not tomorrow – I’m tired and am actually looking forward to relaxing this weekend, but damn I wish it was the weekend. I need a vacation after Tryst. 😉
But I did want to post a brief wrap-up/update, just so you don’t think the Guys violated Tryst’s “no dead” rule.
It was actually much more relaxing than I thought it would be. I anticipated intensity, but I probably should have known that it would be light-hearted rather than dark and intense – Ad was with us, after all.  Which isn’t a criticism, it is just the way we tend to interact when Ad is part of the dynamic: it is part of his personal kink energy, and as this event was very much about his comfort level and trying to be sure that he enjoyed his first camp experience as much as possible (we want to make this a “three” tradition), there really wasn’t any question but that it would be light-hearted and fun.
Which it was.  Even the saline infusion wasn’t horrific.  In fact it wasn’t unpleasant at all – I rather enjoyed the sensation, and after it was done my pussy was just…swollen. Not especially tender or even over-sensitive.
It looked outrageous though.
My camp “kidnapping” was mostly fun and games as well.  The one scene that got a little intense was the one I thought was going to be a nice relaxing wax scene, but ended up being the one that I bawled my head off in (go figure.)  Anyway, as W said, lots of times the scene default in public play is humor. It’s true – there seems to be laughter in a majority of public scenes.  Ad doesn’t play on the edges of intensity, discomfort or emotions, either, even in private play, so it is natural that our public play would be more light-hearted.  He always has a chuckle to defuse anything, and prefers his kink that way.  So W and I adapt, and it is usually a nice break.  I do think next time though I am going to ask for at least one one-on-one scene with W.  I crave our particular type of interaction, and feel a little disappointed when I don’t get it. Of course anticipating that it’ll be just he and I for six days/nights when we go to Fusion helped alleviate that, but still, by the end of Tryst I was needing some one-on-one time.
Actually, that was one of the more interesting things that came up during the weekend. I am used to spending 2 or 3 days per week alone with each of the Guys. About 2 or 3 times a month we end up spending an overnight together, all three of us, but my interactions with them are mostly separate.  At Tryst, we were together 24/7 for 4 days – 5 if you count Wednesday night. The lovely thing about our dynamic (and about the two of them) is that being a three is as natural and easy-going as being a two. There really is no awkwardness for any of us, no crabbiness or desire on either of their parts to have me alone, no hurt feelings about not being the sole focus of my attention. I was the only one that expressed a desire for one-on-one time with each of them – and I made sure to engineer at least a half hour during the weekend when I spent time first with one, then the other, connecting with them individually and making sure they were each happy and having their needs met. They seemed to be – at least I heard no complaints.  Next time, tho, I will ask specifically for an hour or two on my own with each one, scening with W and probably just decompressing with Ad, who probably won’t be interested in scening without W there.
All in all, the weekend was a wild success. We relaxed, we played, we were silly and serious and companionable; there was bondage and whips and a saline-infused pussy; there was dancing and drinking and Onyx-ing; there was sex and talk and laughter and friendships and a whole lot of joy. And while I am not terribly “woo-woo,” there was a feeling of camaraderie and community that I love at Tryst.
I do want to write specifically about several of the scenes we did, but since we did so much over the four days & nights of Tryst, I’ve decided to break up my event posts into each day.  I think what I’ll do is post them over the days that we will be at Fusion, actually.  So, you know, ya’ll won’t miss me while I’m gone. 😉
Meanwhile, I’ve got a few other posts (in fact the last of the 6×6 Picture Request write-ups is one of them) that I’ll try to put together over the next few days.  So keep your eyes peeled for more from Jade.
Cuz I’m BACK!

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