Twisted Tryst, Day by Day: Thursday

Thursday couldn’t arrive soon enough for me. Much like I am today, wanting the week to go by quicker, I was more than ready to get on the road Thursday morning. But first we had to get the Jeep loaded up – a process that took far longer than any of us thought it would – and pick up an additional passenger.  Someone we knew from previous Trysts had emailed me a couple months previous and asked if we would be able/willing to give a friend of theirs a ride to Tryst. I was a little nervous about doing so…I didn’t know her at all…but it seemed the right thing to do.  And at worst it was only 5 hours each way, at best I might make a new friend.
It turned out to be the best scenario! 😀 She was a delight…friendly and uber-smart, pretty and sweet and well-spoken and bright.  In fact getting to know her a little was one of the highlights of our trip. 🙂
So anyway…after getting lost only once or twice, we finally made it to camp, which was at a new (to us) campground.  We were later than I wanted to be – I had hoped to get there in time to attend a Punching and Kicking class, but we didn’t get there till well after the class. Rough body play is something I want to explore/experience more of, and I was hoping to inspire W to play that way more (I confess this is why I usually attend the classes I do at the events we go to. But more on that in another post.)  Anyway, he already does it some – and occasionally with his own hot hot hot variation: sadistic massage – but I really want a heavy hands and feet and body beat down, so, you know, I hoped the class would inspire that. 😉
But it was all good. Although I was disappointed to see that our campsite didn’t have a picnic table, it was in a lovely shady spot, and we soon had our little home in the woods set up.
This was a special camp for us, by the way. W and I have attended Tryst twice before, and asked Ad to go with us, but for various reasons he always declined. This time, he accepted. I just knew camp would be his kind of event – and it was. It was wonderful to help him experience that, to turn him on to something new, something that I hope will end up being a new tradition for us.
So first on the schedule was a BBQ put on by one of the other campers. (I had a loose schedule of activities that we might be interested in…but nothing set in stone. I’ve learned (I think) to balance my own need for some kind of order with W’s need to let things flow/happen organically. Though I did have a list of scenes that I hoped we would do.) 😉  Anyway, as soon as we got set up, we headed up to the pavilion for the BBQ – and I saw that there were a ton of people there.
So, yeah, I know I’ve mentioned having a little bit of social anxiety.  Put me into a new place with lots of strangers and it is compounded exponentially.  Agreeing to attend a BBQ on the first night we got there with a bunch of people I didn’t know was – perhaps – not a wise choice on my part.  But, that was exactly why I had suggested it. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone just a bit.
And guess what? It turned out okay. The nice part was not having to cook that first night. I wish I had come out of my shell a bit more and talked to more people, but…I am me, and I have to just accept that, at least until I find my equilibrium in a new place, I’m just going to be more comfortable on the sidelines, even if I dislike my need for separation.  I do think Ad loved it, though. He also isn’t overly loquacious, but many people came up and said hi to us all, and he really got to experience the feeling of community that is Tryst.
But after that, I did need some time to myself, so we headed back to our campsite. And I was getting cold (the temperature had dropped considerably when the sun went down) so I begged for some time alone in the tent for a nap, a recharge, and to warm up.
Electric blankies are the best.
The guys were smart tho, and didn’t let me stay put all night. After an hour or so, in spite of my whining, they woke me up and suggested we at least go up to the playspace for a bit. We didn’t have to actually do anything…
But we did end up doing something.  As soon as we got there W took me by the wrist and positioned me under a frame, where I was tied securely.  In moments they had the floggers out and were pounding on my jeans-clad ass (I was still cold when we went up to the playspace and didn’t anticipate needing to be “sexy.”)  Apparently getting tied up and beat by two men wielding heavy floggers gets me warmed up though, because soon I was sweating and panting, and before long W had drug my jeans down around my ankles and was trying to fuck me from behind. He got it in, but our height differential made deep thrusting too difficult, so he abandoned that and pushed me to my knees so I could suck his cock. He encouraged Ad to join in, but we have discovered that Ad is not into public sex – more’s the pity. By the end of the weekend I would convince him to let me suck his cock in the open at our campsite, but anywhere more public – or anything other than me sucking his cock – and he just won’t participate.  I do hope we’ll convince him to try it someday tho – getting fucked in public by both my men is a favorite fantasy of mine. 😀
Then, on the way back to our tent, after I thought we were done, we decided to poke our heads into the “rave” tent. There was some great music pouring out of there, and I felt like dancing a little…but I never expected the kind of dancing we did. Each of the guys had hold of a rope around one of my wrists, and, as I danced and spun around the empty tent (no one else was in there) they held my wrists and yanked me back and forth between them, hitting me with floggers whenever I got close enough. It was wild, exhilarating, exciting. We were all panting and laughing when we were done. It was the perfect way to end the…
Oh wait, that wasn’t the end yet. As soon as we got back to the tent, both men attacked me. Cognizant of the other campers only a few feet from my tent, I tried to stifle my cries, until W put his hand at my throat and his mouth against me ear as Ad fucked me. “Let the girlnoises out,” he said, “I want everyone to know what a fuckhole you are…”
So I did.

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