Twisted Tryst, Day by Day: Friday

We woke up late, which was unusual for me. The Guys always joke that “vacation time” for me means getting up at dawn. It’s sort of true: most people sleep in during vacation, I am usually up earlier than normal. I don’t want to miss a minute of fun!
We woke up to some sexy play. In spite of giving me multiple orgasms the night before, Ad had not had one of his own. While that’s not unusual for W, it’s more so for Ad (tho not unheard of.) But he was hard and ready to go this morning.
So I teased him. “I’ve decided that in order to facilitate you getting comfortable with fucking me in public, or at least letting me give you head, I’m going to tease you all day,” I said, as I stroked his cock. I turned my head and gave him a mischievous look. “But I’m not going to let you come.”
He barked out a laugh.
“I’m serious!” I said. “By the end of the day you’ll be begging me to suck your cock, no matter who’s watching!”
He had other ideas. What ensued was a mini-wrestling match, with the end result being my head forced down to his cock by his hand in my hair. And yes, he came. Hell, being toppy was fun while it lasted. 😉
But I guess I wasn’t completely over my brattiness, because next it was W’s turn. Not for sex, though. As I said, we had woken up late. And…all our bladders were full. But of course sex comes first, and W hadn’t exited while Ad and I were fooling around. So when W mentioned needing to take a piss, I deliberately rolled over onto top of him and pressed my whole weight down on his belly/bladder. Then for the next ten minutes I proceeded to push, prod and needle him about needing to go pee.
“Unless you want to drink it,” he finally said, “you better let me up.”
I thought about it–
And promptly jumped up.
We wandered over to take a shower. The new campground has outdoor showers, just like the other one, but these are not quite as nice. The water temperature and pressure is better, but I really liked the way the others were set up, in their own little area of camp. These are just an addition on the side of the shower house. But hot water! And great water pressure! And warm sun and Ad soaping me up…who am I to complain?! The shower house was next to a small building called the “sex stall” too…a dark, mini-barn-like space with a sex swing and spanking bench and (of all things) a flat screen TV with porn playing hung in the corner. I flashed on doing a real rough’em up scene in there, in the dark and dirt, getting beat up and slapped around and knocked down in the dirt, or maybe tied by the neck to the wall…oh yeah, lots of dirty fantasies there. But we never did go into the space. I did hear about a friend’s kidnapping, tho, in which she was trussed up and brought there, fighting and kicking, to find her partner there, waiting, and in a suit no less…I don’t know exactly what he did after, but (of course) I can imagine.
The main event of the day was the Mardis Gras parade. I wasn’t actually totally sold on doing the parade, but W had brought Onyx’s gear, and I knew he wanted to play with her. So we got her all tricked out (with the exception of her boots – W conceded to safety and told me to wear flats) and we went to find out where the meeting place was. Unfortunately, the time had changed for the parade, so we were an hour and a half early and had some time to kill before the parade started. We decided to take the long way back to camp, and took a meandering stroll, with W handling Onyx quite well, throughout camp. It was fun, and as I said, W (and maybe Onyx too) is getting quite the hang of things. He is learning to be quite the good pony handler, and Onyx is learning his signals better all the time.
Back at camp, I got a short breather, with Ad & W removing Onyx’s headstall for a short period so I could rest. Then it was back into ponygear and we headed up for the parade.
There was an entire contingent of vikings, a queen and king, dancers and assorted animals and pets, as well as another pony pulling a cart. She was a lovely pony, and has beautiful gear, which I later found out was also home made (quite impressive.) The parade lasted about 30 minutes, but by the time we got done and back to our campsite, I had been in Onyx gear for about 3 hours, all totaled.
I was exhausted and my mouth was sore, but it had been so much fun. And I still had another event on my own, personal, schedule: serving at the D/s formal.
One of the camp traditions is that friends that I met at the first camp put on a special party called the D/s Formal each camp. Everyone gets dressed up in their finery and attends the social, with drinks and food served.  The hostess works all day to prepare hors d’oeuvres, and what a spread she puts on. As I had at the first one, I volunteered to help serve at this one. And as at the first one, it was nice to be able to be of “service” for a little while, to serve others, not as a sexual being, but as a…caretaker. As someone that wants to make their time pleasurable.
Of course doing it in a see-thru mesh dress and five inch heels may have added a bit of a sexy element to it, but I’m okay with that. 😉
While I was doing the formal, the guys were on their own, and they, too, got a lot accomplished. Unbeknownst to me, they made arrangements for my “kidnapping,” which, also unbeknownst to me, was to happen the next day. They secured firewood, which we had not had the night before. And they found UnkleP and scheduled my labia infusion.
I have mentioned that I was going to have a Kinky Bucket List item fulfilled at camp. Well, this was it. Saline infusion in my labia. They scheduled it for 11am the next morning.  There was no going back now.
After the D/s Formal, Ad prepared a delicious meal, using a recipe for foil-wrapped chicken that he had been perfecting all month. We had friends over to our little “house” in the woods and ate and talked. Ad’s foil wrap was marvelous, and they brought cupcakes – yay! – for dessert, and by the time they left, I was exhausted.
“I need a nap,” I said, and crawled into the tent. I fully expected that I would get up and we’d go out and play, like we had the night before, especially as the orgy was that night, but that never happened. Ad crawled in for a nap with me, and when I asked him about the orgy, he was not very enthusiastic. But I knew he would push himself to go if we went. I really did want to have both guys do what they do to me, there, in public…but I just couldn’t force that on him. This whole thing was so new to him, and I didn’t want to risk souring his feelings on it.
“Let’s just snuggle,” I said, and called to W, who had been sitting watching the fire burn down – and a sexy wax scene in the campsite next door. “Can we just go to bed?” I asked him, when he poked his head into the tent.
“Sure,” he said, and crawled into bed with us.
And that was how we spent our second night at camp.

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