Sinful Sunday – Under the Tracks

It’s about time I debuted another Scavenger Hunt submission, though this one isn’t on the official list. There are train tracks on the list, and a train station, but this is neither of those: I was under the train trestle.  Does it qualify for one of those, or is it its own category, Dee? 😉
We had been doing some reconnaissance for a “T” photo for the Alphabet Challenge, which we did manage, tho on a different day, and I decided it was the perfect spot to get another feather in my “Scavenger Hunt” cap.  The Guys willingly obliged me, and I got to flash me some summer skin.

It was this bit of graffiti that really inspired it all.

How could I resist?

I wanted to get up on the tracks, but the Guys ixnayed that, so you’ll have to content yourselves for next to the trestle…

…and under it!

We only saw this sign on the way out. Oops!

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Sinful Sunday

9 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Under the Tracks

  1. Heheheh… the graffiti is the perfect touch (as is photographing directly over the No Trespassing notice!) 😀
    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Oh, what marvellous photos! Rather than going with another train-type category, I’ve given you a new one called ‘Graffiti’, as it seemed entirely appropriate (about the only thing that is, really!) 🙂
    xx Dee

  3. It’s a damn good thing you didn’t see the sign beforehand. 😉
    We love the graffiti. It really fits, and seems to nicely encapsulate your attitude. Your fearlessness is admirable, to say nothing of your flawless body and your gorgeous face.

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