Dark Odyssey – Fusion: Wednesday & Thursday

We arrived in Baltimore on Wednesday. I had been messaged by a couple different people that I know from online wondering if I’d be available to meet up if we were going to be in Baltimore before the event, but W and I were on the same page about wanting time to ourselves for the day before the event – sort of.  My page read that that meant we were going to do sexy, connective, kinky things to each other Tuesday & Wednesday nights. His page read that that meant hanging out together and connecting as a couple, but not doing anything kinky – or even having sex. By Thursday morning I was (understandably) a little confused. But this has happened before, and this time I didn’t let a week go by before asking about it (huh, maybe next time I’ll actually speak up at the time and say what I want. Ya think??)
(Edit: I actually did ask this time [we are leaving for New Orleans this Tuesday.] In fact I asked before we left, and specified that I would like to play in the hotel before we get there, please and thank you.  See? I can learn…)
To continue…
“I can’t believe we’ve been together two whole days and we haven’t done any kink or had sex,” I said Thursday morning.
“I’m saving it up for Fusion,” he replied.
I laughed. “Saving it up?! But it doesn’t run out!” I was joking, but…there may have been a foreshadowing of truth in what he said, and one that I will have to keep in mind for future events.  He has called me the Energizer Bunny on more than one occasion, and maybe I do wear him out, I dunno.  All I know is that I get my hopes up for days and days of kink when we go out of town, and to me, hotels=sex (always have), and of course sex=kink, so when that doesn’t happen, I end up disappointed. It was nice to know there was a reason other than just “I didn’t think about it,” though.  That makes me sad when I hear it. How could you be in a hotel room with me and not think about sex and kink? LOL
But ok, I know, I know, I always want more – thus the “Energizer Bunny” comment, right?  In any case, we got into Baltimore fine and went to the hotel we’d been to before. It was about 9:00 PM when we got in, so rather than try to find a new place to get dinner, we went to a little bar we like that we had gone to several times the last time we were there. The food is really good – not typical bar fare – and it’s a fun place, and we ended up at the bar after dinner having Very In-Depth Conversations. The In-Depth-Ness might have been enhanced by a significant amount of alcohol, since I can’t recall much of what we talked about, but hey, we weren’t driving and didn’t have a time limit or anywhere to be the next day, so we could sleep in as long as we wanted!
Except—haha—I was on vacation! Which meant I woke up Thursday at the asscrack of dawn, regardless of incipient hangover or headache.
As noted, I woke early, but took pity on W and let him sleep in as long as I could stand it.
I lasted about an hour. O.o
Then it was ~bounce! bounce! bounce!~ and we got up and headed out.
First stop: essentials and liquor that we couldn’t bring on the plane. I googled grocery stores and found The “World Famous Lexington Market.” It was close by the hotel and, well, it was “World Famous,” so that’s where we headed. Many parking difficulties later, and we were there!
Okay, if you are from Baltimore, I don’t mean to malign one of your landmarks, but…ick. It was AWFUL.  W says it is in the old style of markets (circa 1900’s?) in which several individual vendors gather under one roof (a fruit seller, a meat vendor, dry goods, etc.) and in theory that is a cool idea, but the disorganization, noise and smells were overwhelming to me in practice.  I’ve been to street markets in other countries and enjoyed it, so it wasn’t just that…it may have been a result of my “pre-event” hyper-sensitivity…masses of people and the unknown always put me a bit on edge until I acclimate (which is why we chose to spend the night before the event alone, rather than meet others.) We ended up shopping elsewhere along the way, which was better anyway, because I got this really cool bottle of liquor.

Made for us!

So then we were finally on our way! I had been chomping at the bit a little, wanting to get there get there get there, but at some point I realized that was stupid: we would arrive when we arrived. And whenever that was would be fine.
And it was. We checked in and discovered we had an awesome cabin. Somehow we had scored the “private room” cabin, and (as the name implies) we had a tiny room of our very own instead of the typical dorm-room style cabins, and the cabin (of 12 or 14 rooms?) had three bathrooms of its own that didn’t have to be shared as a public bathroom for general use of the others campers or tenters. It was heavenly.
We got settled in fairly quickly and took a short walk-about, re-familiarizing ourselves with the camp. The camp was pretty empty yet. It’s one reason we like to get in on Thursday. It gives us a chance to acclimate ourselves before the hoards arrive.
Though it was early, we got ourselves a cocktail and headed over to a class. I had made a pretty nifty color-coded schedule of class/activity possibilities that allowed us to see at-a-glance what was going on at any one time. We didn’t actually do many of the classes/activities, but it soothed my Planner-Girl neurosis to create it and be able to consult it during the weekend, “just in case.” And it did allow us to make three of the classes that I had been interested in – which may be a record for us. W seldom attends seminars at events, and I don’t want to go to classes without him (because – duh! – he’s the one that has to do the things I’m in the seminar to learn, so what good is me going if he isn’t there??), so I don’t end up going to many either. It was a bit unfortunate in this case in particular, because one thing that I’m really interested in, but that he has resisted learning about, actually had three classes being taught about it, and we missed all three.  But that was okay – the reason he doesn’t go to many seminars is because we’re usually too busy doing stuff, right? So it’s all good.  And the two classes that we did end up going to together (I went to a yoga class on my own) were interesting, and I think he got at least as much out of them as I did. So in spite of missing the one topic, I’d still say it ended up in the “plus” column, overall.
The class we went to on Thursday was taught by someone we had accidentally seen doing a water play class the year before. I have wanted to do some water bondage/fear play since I saw it, and W and I fooled around with water and rope during the class, and in fact I had wanted to ask the presenter to do some of it with me the year before but had chickened out. This time I worked up the courage to ask him, and he enthusiastically agreed. Unfortunately it became another of those things that never happened due to lack of firm planning. W praised me for asking, and pointed out that that was one of the cool things about camp: impromptu pick-up scenes, which it seemed like it would be. Apparently he must be much better at actually executing those than I am though (or perhaps Gina, his previous play partner, was) because in every case of just “letting something happen” it’s never happened, and this was no exception.  With my new, relaxed, “no expectations” attitude though, this didn’t affect my enjoyment at all. I do think, for the “things I will do differently” column though, that next time I will set a specific time/place for something if I really want to do it. So, maybe next year.
The class, Whole Body S/M, was pretty fun, and W’s eyes got that evil glint they sometimes do, when they talked about caning the back. Later he would use a new toy he purchased on my back – yumm.
After class we headed back over to the cabin to refill our drinks and relax on a little bench that gave us a panoramic view of the grounds, pool and dining hall – and the Clit Washer. But that (the Clit Washer) is for another post. What did happen right then was that W grabbed me and put me on this huge stump of a tree next to the bench and tied me in a hogtie, then proceeded to cane, whip and facefuck me.  Yay! Kink, at last! My weekend had finally begun. 😀
After that we took a well-deserved nap before dinner, and then took a shower – it turned out the stump had quite a bit of sap on it, and it took some scrubbing to get it off. Then it was down to dinner, and after that Gate Duty for our first chore. In one of the few times he’s instructed me on what to wear, W told me to wear heels for gate duty. Oddly enough, I was greeted many times throughout the rest of the weekend by just that identifier: “Oh, I remember you! You’re the woman at the gate with the killer heels!” It was funny, and I know W appreciated that his instruction paid off so well. 😉
I love Gate Duty chores with W.  So peaceful, a way to quietly connect with each other at the start of what we both know will be a hectic weekend. No lights, no electronics, no distractions. Just he and I and the fireflies and the stars.  After spending the evening winding down, watching fireflies and staring up at the stars, we headed back to our cabin, where we had a drink together and then, pleasantly tired from travel and getting set up and drinks and play and heat, we retired to cuddle in bed.
A perfect beginning to what would be a long, wonderful weekend.

4 thoughts on “Dark Odyssey – Fusion: Wednesday & Thursday

  1. Please tell me what type of nipple clamps those are in your pic “Made for us”…they are black but I’ve never seen that type of clamp before. Where did you get them….they look great.

    1. My Owner made them for me. They are (hopefully he will correct me if I am wrong) made of pipe fittings I think? A hard plastic or maybe metal tubing, with set screws to “screw them on” to the nipple. I love them. 🙂 Please feel free to email him at NickWolfram74@gmail.com if you have any questions.

  2. The clit-washer guy was my first flirt in the scene and I still have a crush on him, all these years later. I look forward to your report.

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