Weekend Wrap-Up

I love it when my boss asks me what I did over the weekend, after a weekend like this. Let’s see, where to start…
Well, my ass hurts, for one!
Okay, okay, there’ll be time enough for all that.  First, about the rest of my body (and the weekend…)
I am tireder than I realized, and my body actually aches a bit…the muscles ache, not just my ass and cunt, which are both plenty tender from being – literally – pounded over and over this weekend.  We didn’t even do any real intense bondage, and no beatings to speak of, and I am, well, achy. Sore all over. And tired
So very tired.
But happy and content. It was nice to be home for a weekend. More than nice – I loved it. I had forgotten how nice it is to just be us, doing the things we do, as part of our daily routines. To be home, at both W’s and Ad’s. To relax, to have sex, to chat and play games online and read and nap and not have to be “on,” either at an event or planning one. Yeah, yeah, I know I am planning my weekend up to Cedar Point with the Boychild this coming weekend, but that’s not the same. There I will just be – a mom. Hanging with my Boy, playing on roller coasters. I’m really looking forward to that, too. Getting to spend time with him that way.  Oh, and roller coasters.
Roller coasters! Did I mention roller coasters?

But, before all that, there was this past weekend. I didn’t realize how much W and I appreciate and enjoy just spending time together at his house; how much all three of us enjoy spending an “Adventure Day” together; how cozy my own bed is. Thanks to the Alphabet Challenge, we have had a few Adventure Days: Island day (which I haven’t posted yet), but which led to the Graffiti Scavenger Hunt; Cave day; the day at the Graveyard;  the day Ad and I found many L’s…the list goes on. This challenge has led to lots of adventuring and playfulness and new discoveries, and I’ll be sad when we get to the end of the alphabet.
I already told you all about Thursday.  Well, Friday Ad and I stayed in and I worked on some writing, he read a book, we did laundry and played with the dog and I harvested the “bounty” from my garden and we had some good Friday-night-at-home snuggles.

From my garden. Pretty pitiful awesome, right? I *might* be able to get one bite of salsa out of it.

Saturday we decided to make a day of our next Alphabet Challenge letters.  We had one place in mind, but gave ourselves lots of time for serendipity.  We’ve done this before, starting with one place in mind and letting our whims take us wherever we end up. We ended up over in Illinois.
At an oil refinery…
W’s kind of place.

And picked blackberries on a farm.

We talked the proprietress into letting us take a picture in her peach orchard (she didn’t know we had rope…)
Yeah I have no idea what I’m doing here either. Getting attacked by a peach tree? I guess I had to make it look good for the proprietor, who was dubious about my reasons for wanting to get a picture taken in their orchard. Hard to explain about the Alphabet Challenge, eh?

And visited a town called Otterville.
Even the road sign was droopy and listing to one side in the heat.

We made our own graffiti on a pub wall in Grafton.
They encouraged people to write on the wall, I swear!

We found driftwood and rocks and I got tied up on the bank of the Mississippi River.
An unexpected “P”: Power Plant.

And we cooled off in front of a giant, man-made cave.
“Nature’s air conditioner,” W called it.

We learned about the legend of the Piasa Bird…

…and had ice cream!

We introduced W to the fun that is Fast Eddie’s in Alton, and were amazed at how big it’s gotten as we drank beer and listened to a truly awful band, but whose lead singer Ad had the hots for. (Amazing how your eyes can fool your ears. He thought she sounded great. I told him her boobs and bare belly must be stuffing his ears. ~smirk~)  And then Ad headed home and W and I went back to his place, and he told me what else was in store for the weekend.
A friend of his was in town for the Cardinal’s game and I was to be their after-game “entertainment.”
And then Hello Kitty showed up on a bag of clothespins.
And I started my period.
And W deemed it “Precursor-to-Anal-August Weekend” (“you’ve got two other useable holes…”)
And that’s why my ass hurts.
But you’ll have to wait till my next installment to hear all about that.

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