Wicked Wednesday – I’m the Entertainment

The prompt this week was a drawing by Francisco José de Goya called “Caught in the Act.”  While my post this week doesn’t exactly fit the theme, W did “catch me in the act,” so to speak, so I’m gonna count this one as “theme-worthy.”
(Continued from this post, in which W takes me to his friend’s hotel room to provide “entertainment” for a friend of his in town for the baseball game.)
At first it appeared that it might actually be three of them (plus W) but it only ended up being T, someone W had allowed to use me before. (Interestingly enough, I never did write much about that time, but I posted some additional pictures and a tidbit or two of that night here and here.) W’s friend has a massive cock, and it was a challenge to get it deep enough in my mouth the first time, but I’ve been practicing and did much better this time.

I think W was proud of me!

For more Wednesday Wickedness, click the link below, and come back Friday for my favorites from this month’s e[lust] and the past two week’s Wicked Wednesdays and Sinful Sundays!

9 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – I’m the Entertainment

  1. Hopefully W and yourself can visit T in Chicago and finish off what was started that night. This time with no time restraints.

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