Sinful Sunday – Pony Rustling

As Molly says, “Sinful Sunday is all about the image.”  With that in mind, I am just going to let the pictures tell the story of my “ponynapping” at Twisted Tryst, in which W’s prize pony Onyx was rustled and bred to the camp stud, Lancelot.
I will add one word image, though, since no one caught a pic of it: as the “rustlers” were leading Onyx away, W chased behind, swinging a rope and shaking his fist. “My pony’s being rustled! My pony’s getting stolen! Stop, stop, you filthy pony thieves!” Pardon Onyx if she fell just slightly out of role to giggle just a bit…
(Click on the first image for the slide show…)

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Sinful Sunday

5 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Pony Rustling

  1. I have long been curious about this, and your photos are so interesting and exciting; glad I stopped by.
    I love that Onyx left character for a moment, to giggle.
    xx Simone

  2. What a beautiful series of images…. I love the one where you are looking up at him. Is that a ‘thank you’ I see in your eyes?

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