Friday Faves – Aug 2. And a little Anal August update.

My (sometimes) weekly favorites from Wicked Wednesday, Sinful Sunday & occasionally around the ‘net.
Erotic Adventures: What Happened in Myers I loved the ending to this. Also, it reminded me of my own adventure in a changing room… <wondering if I ever posted on it>  Hmm, it appears not. Another addition to my mile-long list of Things That Must Be Blogged About??
Kira’s Kink: Kneel  She has such a beautiful back…
My Hot Raven: Voyeur The images in the mirror remind me of one of my favorite sets on Bondage Demons. It was one of the first of his “collections” that I got the nerve up to look at (when were brand new!) I don’t know who the woman is, but the way that W took the photos and tells the story is as a “Watcher” seeing it all surreptitiously.  It’s really hot.  If you have access (I think it is a Members Only collection) it is in Collection 5 and called “The Attic.” Meanwhile, check out My Hot Raven’s photos – very hot too!
Walk on the Wild Side: Bikini Time What I like about this picture is…the sand on her butt. I don’t why! It’s just…sexy. Makes me want to get nasty in the sand now. 😀
Hubman’s Hangout: Lazy An absolutely perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. How nice of his wife to capture a pic for us!
I include this last one as a segue into my Anal August Update: Mayhems & Mishaps of a Minx.
So yeah, it’s the 3rd of August! Anal August has begun. Unfortunately, with the start of August I also had a doctor appointment, at which time I was given medication that causes my stomach to be…less than “Anal August” friendly. I’m not going into any more detail than that. So…medical dispensations have been issued for anything too invasive, though I am still attempting to wear my plug for at least some time each day. Monday it was 2.5 hours, yesterday 2 hours, and tonight I will be wearing it out to a movie with the Guys, and for as long afterward as I can manage.
W’s also been eyeballing my current Fetlife profile pic of Hello Kitty with a bit of displeasure, and said that an anal caning may be in my future. “I may need to add an anal caning as the Kitty image persists on FetLife and a mere beating may not erase it from my memory banks.” I don’t know whether to leave it up or take it down! lol
Also…W purchased the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 Monday night!

Click on the image for the full specs on Eden Fantasys for this monster, but here’s a synopsis:

Length:  4 3/4″  Insertable length: 3 3/4″  Circumference:  5 1/2″  Diameter: 2″  Neck diameter: 1″  Weight: 1.10 lb
That’s over a POUND of metal in my ass. Yeah, I’m a little nervous!

As for why the last picture in my Friday Favorites is a good segue to this update…?  Well, I already have an offer from a couple of female friends to assist in strap-on anal! The idea makes me scared and wet all at once.
And…that’s all I got for now. Stay tuned for more updates soon though!

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Aug 2. And a little Anal August update.

  1. Come to Chicago and Tommy will do all the pluging you require. It will not end with the ass! STL was a good start.

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