What I’ve learned so far: an Anal August update, in bulletpoints

We’re only six days in, and already I have learned so much during Anal August! Below are a few of the things I have learned – so you don’t have to:

  • When possible, use the plug for the required 4 hours BEFORE having the required anal sex. This is accompanied by the lesson…
  • When wearing the plug out and about, less lube (with a metal plug) is your friend. Truth. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Especially when one has semen in one’s ass prior to inserting said plug.
  • When one decides to use rope to hold the plug inside oneself, it behooves one to SIT DOWN in the rope harness before one has to drive with it on. Also truth.
Me: Maybe you should tie it in. Ad: You think you’ll need it? Me: I don’t know. I won’t know till it goes clunk on W’s sidewalk. In front of his neighbors.
  • If possible, take an enema before commencing anal stretching exercises. Trust me, your entire digestive system will thank you.
My Fetlife status: “Today is my weekly Anal August stretching day. I am walking around holding #2 in. It’s so little it just pops out!” W pointed out the possibly unintended double-entendre. Thanks, W!
  • Also, when drinking piss is the alternative, it might be better to just go ahead and muscle through to the next size butt plug instead. Though the jury’s still out on that one.
  • The Njoy makes a really loud CLUNK when it falls out of your hand onto the floor because you’re nervous while trying to insert it in the bathroom at work.
  • Plug at work lesson #2: Forgetting to bring something to wrap the Njoy in when one goes into the bathroom at work to remove it is a MISTAKE. It’s just plain hard to explain a big shiny metal something in your hand to coworkers. Walking quickly and not meeting their eyes only works so many times.
  • Thong panties just ain’t no good at giving a sense of security while walking around plugged in public.

And last but not least:

  • Be careful what you beg wish for.

I am now the proud (terrified) owner of the big bad boy of Njoy’s plug collection, the 2.0. That little one? That’s the “large” plug.

Update on Anal August task completion:

  • Daily plug wearing: Successful with daily wearing, though have only managed to wear it the full four hours 2 days out of 6 (and was given a pass the day of the stretching exercises.)
  • Weekly stretching: Performed, made it up to size 4
  • Anal penetration:  Performed by W 3x; performed by Ad 1x.
  • Buttplug worn at work: Accomplished.

There are other things going on in my life besides Anal August.  A lot, in fact.

  • Got confirmation that one of the stories I submitted and that was accepted by the editor was indeed accepted by the publisher and has a publication date of spring 2013.
  • Got the publication date, cover art and Table of Contents for the other anthology I got accepted for (more on that soon.)

Have many plans in the works:

  • Planning a two-day trip in September with the Guys to bike the Katy Trail for my birthday
  • Taking the Missy in to my piercer to get an industrial piercing. Could lead to some…interesting…conversation.
  • Going to attend the wedding of stranger in September as the date of someone I don’t know
  • Have a second (hotel!) date planned next week with a new guy
  • Have a play-scene-negotiation date planned with a friend-cum-possible-play-partner
  • Having drinks with W and a potential play-partner-couple
  • Trying to plan a date with an old friend/lover/something (and the inspiration for one of the stories published above)
  • I got a new laptop(!)
  • Have a meeting with local blogger Kendra Holliday (of The Beautiful Kind) to discuss a radio interview on Playboy Radio
  • Have a day/evening of play planned with W and a sexy blogger friend and her partner – completely orchestrated and planned by W
  • Signing up (again) for a yoga class – this time with the Missy – and going to the local universities to discuss (you guessed it) getting my Bachelor’s.

So, what’s up in your world?

3 thoughts on “What I’ve learned so far: an Anal August update, in bulletpoints

  1. That is a formidable collection of plugs!!
    I have been thrilled to continue my own anal play, given my diagnosis of CD. I’m inspired by yours, and hope to be able to progress along a similar track (just ordered the njoy small 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  2. I find a tight thong to be helpful at keeping a butt plug in. I find one a size too small with strong elastic and it seems to keep some pressure on the plug.

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